Milloy 13 million-view tweet makes a liar of

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By Steve Milloy, “a project of the Annenberg Public Policy Center,” is the latest part of Big Climate to melt down over my 13 million-view tweet. At least it came up with a new, albeit false, distraction.

The “fact check” is here: Web

The gist of the fact check is that I cherry-picked the time frame in observing that there’s been no warming over the past 8 years despite emissions worth 450+ billion tons.

I have already addressed this falsehood herehere and here.

But adds a new twist that ironically recognizes the point I made here… that the ENSO cycle has been driving recent changes in global temperature.

But cites this 2009 paper Web

to say that warming remains even if you remove the ENSO cycle from the temperature trend.

That’s not quite true.

Per the 2009 study, accounting for the ENSO cycle virtually eliminates the estimated decadal warming trend of 0.12°C/decade with a standard deviation of ranging from 0.10°C/decade to 0.15°C/decade. That study also doesn’t account for urban heat island effect, the effect of human activity, temperature data imprecision etc.

So I keep winning. They keep lying. Who’s next?