Morano on Bongino’s Fox News show talking Davos WEF

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Broadcast January 21, 2023 – Unfiltered with Dan Bongino – Fox News Channel

Dan Bongino: “Joining us now is Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano. Marc, we love having you on this show because you have been exposing this Great Reset crowd for a long time.”

Marc Morano, @ClimateDepot: “we’re living in a time now where conspiracy realities outnumber conspiracy theories.”

— Mr. Producer (@RichSementa) January 22, 2023

CONSPIRACY THEORY UPDATE: Eat ‘ze bugs, live in the pod, use an electric stove!

@ClimateDepot joins us to discuss this past week’s WEF Davos Conference and why the ELITES are pushing for a GAS STOVE BAN among other lockdowns


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