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By Paul Homewood

I have come across this newish organisation, which seems to offer a very level headed analysis of most of the climate and energy topics we come across every day.

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Demanding Debate on Climate and Energy Policy

New sales of petrol and diesel cars are set to be banned, and ordinary people are being priced off the road.

The domestic gas boiler is due to be replaced with expensive and inferior heat pumps, requiring extensive retrofits of our homes at yet more expense. Governments, technocrats and ideologues pursue ever more intrusions into our lives, with plans to control our diets and change our behaviour.

Smart meters will ration our energy use through time-of-day pricing, and will switch off our appliances at the push of a button in some far-away office. We are going to be confined to ’15 minute neighbourhoods’.

Industries are moving overseas. Businesses are closing down. Prices are rising. Energy policies are failing.

All of this is necessary to protect the planet from climate change, claim advocates of green policies. But dissenting opinion has been excluded from public broadcasters, news media, and civil society. Political parties offer no differences of perspective and no choice to voters.

A vast democratic deficit now exists between the public and the Net Zero agenda.

Climate and energy policy has been driven by a political, not scientific consensus.

It was formed without any conversation with the public about the scientific facts, evidence, or about the consequences of such a radical change of society and the principles driving it.

And it has created bloated national and global bureaucracies, stuffed full of single-minded ideologically driven technocrats who believe it is their role to design your life and lifestyle, regardless of your opinion.

This site will examine every part of the climate debate, from the science and the abuse of science, through to the policy failures that are undermining our economies and changing our lives without our consent.

This will help you, to read and make up your own mind about whether green utopia is for you, or whether you would rather that democracy and debate, not shrill and empty virtue signalling about a ‘climate crisis’, drive policymaking.

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