The On-Going Case for Abandoning Homogenization of Australian Temperature Data

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From Watts Up With That?

Dr. Bill Johnston

Former weather observer and NSW Department of Natural Resources research scientist.

Under the guise of data homogenization, Bureau of Meteorology scientist Blair Trewin changes data to agree with models. Groomed by the BoM, CSIRO and high-ranking university professors to believe the world is warming, Australian’s are being misled by data-wranglers, climate-modelers and institutions they should be able to trust. Read on …

Commencing with a methods case-study of Parafield airport near Adelaide, South Australia, the latest series of reports investigate how senior scientists within Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), most recently Blair Trewin, massage Australian temperature data to produce trends that that are unrelated to the climate.

The ACORN-SAT project (Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature) subtlety produces homogenised datasets that essentially support climate models. For their part, modelers convince kiddies, the woke and vulnerable that within their lifetimes the climate will warm catastrophically. Like Joseph Goebbels famously said (in German): “If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself”. It is unsurprising that many in the climate industry have become stricken victims of their own fantasies.

It is thoroughly scary that following in Goebbels footsteps, professors, psychologists and indoctrinators at the climate change hub at Monash University ( apply similar methods to relentlessly brain-wash vulnerable Australians into holding irrational guilts and fears about climate, equity, justice, privilege and most other social norms.

Claims in peer reviewed journals by, for example, Sophie Lewis (Australian National University), Andrew King (University of Melbourne), Daniel Mitchell (the University of Bristol, UK), and Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick (University of NSW), fail the test of objective science.

Looking back, it is amazing that the paper by Lewis and King clumsily entitled “Dramatically increased rate of observed hot record breaking in recent Australian temperatures” based in part on ACORN-SAT, was published in the questionably-prestigious Geophysical Research Letters (doi:10.1002/2015GL065793) in 2015.

Ignoring that during the 2001-2009 drought temperatures were high because rainfall was low, they used “sensitivity experiments with a dynamical seasonal predication system”, whatever that is, to somehow wrangle that background warming “contributed to ~15% of the record temperature anomaly”. Because no Australian temperature datasets show unequivocal warming and they ignored the drought, their peer-reviewed and published findings were nonsense.

There are many similar examples of garbage-in-garbage-out science that should never have seen daylight. King’s linking Paris limits to warming and inequality is another a classic work of hyperbolic nonsense, and so too is Perkins-Kirkpatrick et al.’s irrational 2022 tome “On the attribution of the impacts of extreme weather events to anthropogenic climate change” (

Our mission at BomWatch is not just to expose junk-science like Lewis and King (2015), but also to show how fact-checkers may undertake independent analyses of their own.

At Marble Bar, allegedly the warmest place in Australia, maximum temperature (Tmax) is the same in 2022 as it was when the postmaster started taking measurements on the back verandah of the original stone post office in 1908. While recent data has been warmed by instrument changes and scalping top-soil around the site, rigorous, replicable BomWatch protocols found no change in data attributable to the climate.

At Meekatharra, adjustment for a Tmax changepoint that made no difference to the data in 1934, ignoring that the Aeradio site was watered, and not adjusting for the transition to the dryland site near the meteorological office in about 1974, created trends in homogenised data that had nothing to do with the climate. Exposing the fallacy of biased reference series, data for the total of 18 sites used to homogenise Meekatharra data were not homogeneous.

As there is no change in the climate at Meekatharra, or of the 18 comparator sites; and that faulty data were used to adjust faults in ACORN-SAT, the project is deeply flawed, unscientific and should be abandoned.

At Carnarvon, an aerial photograph showed that maximum temperatures observed in the post office yard were cooled by watering. The site behind the aerodrome Aeradio office was also watered, probably to ground the earth-mat beneath the communication array. Moving to the dryland site at the met-office in about 1975 and on-going changes after 2010 accounted for all the warming trend in Tmax data.

Furthermore, as homogenised Tmax data for Carnarvon embed step-changes related to site changes, ACORN-SAT failed its primary objective, which is to adjust for site and instrument changes so extremes and means are homogeneous.

Climate-science is headed down the gurgler

Although GetUp!, extinction rebellion, Australian Youth for Climate Coalition and the Climate Council had not been invented yet, Joseph Goebbels was an activist in their sense of the word. Rewriting history by changing data, burning the climate books, organising media and rebellious youth and using recurring natural events to give “the masses … a thrill of horror” is straight from his Nazi playbook.

However, climate-porn of the kind being served with the willing support of data wranglers like Blair Trewin, modelers like Sophie Lewis, Andrew King, Daniel Mitchell and Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, and David Holmes and followers at the Monash Climate Change Hub, is as repugnant in 2022/23 as it was in Europe during the dark years from 1933 to 1945.

Even Goebbels realised there “will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph”. Shining light in dark-corners, BomWatch reports show Australia’s climate has not warmed in over a century. With many more studies to publish, a collective moment of disgrace may be closer than data-wranglers, modelers, political hacks and communicators at the Monash Climate Change Hub may care to imagine.

Dr. Bill Johnston

15 January 2023


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