Factually Impaling Climate Monsters – Climate Change Roundtable #47

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Climate Realism

In this Friday the 13th episode of Climate Change Roundtable, we slice and dice the worst of the worst climate claims by delving into the dark world of the “Exxon Knew” zealots, who recently produced a peer reviewed paper which is almost sure to backfire on them.

Plus, we roll through “Climate Fact Check 2022” where the media made laughable claims about climate change, only to have reality and nature provide the ultimate smack-down.

Finally, proving that climate policy lives in the realm of the undead, even though it’s been previously killed, we discuss Waters Of The United States (WOTUS), a draconian control monster that the Biden administration has resurrected from the grave.

Join host Anthony Watts, Sterling Burnett, Linnea Lueken and special guest Steve Milloy of junkscience.com as we factually impale these worst of the worst climate monsters.