Planned Failure: Wind Power Obsession Leaves Britain’s Power Supply On Brink Of Collapse

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January 12, 2023 by stopthesethings 

You know policymakers have lost the plot when they start waxing lyrical about battery storage and ‘green’ hydrogen; neither of which exist at any scale; neither of which are even vaguely economic, even with massive taxpayer-funded subsidies to prop them up.

English dictionary doyen, Samuel Johnson reckoned that patriotism is the last refuge of scoundrels, which might have been the case in 1775, but these days it’s waffle about storing wind and solar generated electricity at grid-scale, to account for total and totally predictable collapses in their daily output; aka sunset and calm weather.

While the scoundrel of today helps propagate the lie that the only thing standing between us and an all-wind and sun-powered future is a few giant Teslas, the reality back on Earth is altogether different, as this report from GB News testifies.

‘We are on the brink of disaster’ – Net Zero Watch says power from wind is unreliable
GB News
Ben Champman
16 December 2022

THE COUNTRY is on the brink of disaster because power from wind is unreliable and its expanded use depends on developing storage technology that does not currently exist, the lobby group Net-Zero Watch has said.

Deputy director Andrew Montford told GB News: “Wind is absolutely not the way forward. We’ve known for decades that the wind doesn’t blow all the time. And actually, as the Met Office reports that wind speeds have been declining for a couple of decades, as well, so it’s getting less reliable.

“Politicians have said that everything will be okay, that we’re going to develop ways to store electricity so we can make more when the wind is blowing, and then we’ll have a reserve when it isn’t. It’s just not true.

“If you look at the available technologies, there are batteries, which are preposterously expensive. We’re talking millions of pounds per household, I mean, ridiculous sums of money.”

Speaking to Philip Davies and Esther McVey, he said: “There’s hydrogen, but again this is a pipe dream because you waste two thirds of the energy along the way. So again, it just ends up ridiculously complicated.

“What we’ve done is we’ve gone into a drive for net zero, essentially crossing our fingers and hoping that somebody will invent some way to store electricity. And at the moment, they haven’t.

“Now, what’s happening now, of course, is that the wind doesn’t blow and we don’t have any other way to make electricity. Due to the fact we have closed down all our coal-fired power stations, give or take one or two, the gas is incredibly expensive so we are on the brink of disaster, essentially.”

Asked about storing surplus energy, Mr. Montford said: “The best batteries that we have for grid-scale electricity storage are very expensive and are not getting any cheaper.

“Hydrogen, again, is a mature technology. We’ve made hydrogen through electrolysis for a century. So again, we shouldn’t have any expectation of any great breakthroughs there.

“I mean, it’s possible, but you can’t plan an electricity grid based on the hope that somebody’s going to come up with something that is extremely important. You should be planning your system based on technologies that you have.”

GB News

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