Do Google Search Options Conceal Climate Data that is Contrary to Government Alarmists Propaganda?

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From Watts Up With That?

Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The recent political shenanigan revelations of the Twitter social networking system exposed by the Musk purchase show government efforts to manipulate and control information so only their viewpoints and positions are presented and supported while contrarian views are concealed, rejected, or disposed of as flawed and irrelevant. One can only wonder how extensive this government manipulation has spread in the social networking information sites.

Some examples are provided below of recent significant climate science data outcomes that do not support climate alarmist claims of a “climate emergency” and how these scientific data outcomes have been delt with in the information web world.

The year 2022 North Atlantic Hurricane season has concluded with NOAA’s “climate model“ predictions provided in their May and August forecasts of an “above normal” season proven to be flawed and failed as noted in the WUWT article  below.

A Google search for information sources addressing the year 2022 North Atlantic hurricane season shows the following:

NOAAs failed “70% confidence” claim (shown below) for its year 2022 model projections is completely ignored in the Google search heading options with the most prominent search heading being “Damaging 2022 Atlantic hurricane season comes to a close”. Google appears to avoid alerting anyone to a search option result that did not support the “climate emergency” hype or the fact that NOAA “model” forecasts even in August 2022 (halfway into the season) still could not get it right.

Nor were there any search options offered to the data provided by Colorado State University’s extensive tropical storm records, data and analysis shown below indication that the 2022 North Atlantic Hurricane season had a total energy ACE level that was more than 22% below the average for such seasons as measured for the 30 year period of 1991 to 2020.

The global average temperature anomaly data is now available for the year the 2022 average temperature anomaly that shows a continuing declining trend for the period 2015 to 2022. Provided below is a Google search for information regarding this continuing global average temperature anomaly declining trend outcome.

There is no information provided in the Google search options that addresses the significant outcome of a declining global average temperature anomaly trend during the last 8 years of the “climate emergency” as shown below from NOAA’s global temperature anomaly data website that indicates a negative -1.05 degrees C per century declining global temperature anomaly trend between 2015 to 2022. 

Once again Google search options seem to make sure that information about a negative global average temperature anomaly 8-year trend during the “climate emergency” is somehow not addressed.

The year 2022 U.S. tornado season is now complete with below average numbers of tornadoes occurring. Provide below is a Google search for information about year 2022 tornado outcomes.

The most complete information regarding U.S. yearly tornado outcomes is available directly from NOAA’s tornado website as shown below which shows data covering the last 18 years (inclusive of 2005 through 2022) that clearly indicates tornado numbers are not climbing during this period of  “climate emergency” with the outlier highest 2 years occurring 12 to 15 years ago.

For some reason this most comprehensive and complete data website regarding the 2022 tornado season is not included in Googles most prominent search options.

How strange.