Suddenly the media suddenly starts asking if vaccine harm might be a thing?

From JoNova

By Jo Nova

Is the dam wall breaking?

The Telegraph

Last week the Wall Street Journal ran with a headline: Are vaccines fuelling new Covid variants? It would have been unthinkable last year. Back then, it was a pandemic of the evil un-vaccinated.

Tonight Consultant cardiologist Assem Malhotra has a double page spread in the UK Telegraph warning… “the jab can rapidly speed up the development of heart disease”. In his twitter feed he’s very excited: “Do they have proof? YES MORE THAN ENOUGH! “We’ve finally broken British mainstream news“.  That tweet has now been seen by 2.1 million people. Obviously other people are excited too.

But steel yourself, the mainstream press is 3 years behind the news and the first journalists putting their heads over the parapet are making sure risky sentences are buried six feet deep in qualifiers. The risk of myocarditis is small they say, people recover fast (except for the ones that died), the vaccines are still useful,  Covid causes myocarditis too, etc etc, ad nauseum.

Critics claim Covid jabs are causing heart problems – do they have any proof?

Sarah Knapton, Telegraph

While there have always been anti-vaxxers, this new concern is drawing in people from outside usual conspiracy theory circles

The feature starts with a long introduction assuring us that Dr Malhotra is an expert who used to believe in the vaccines. What’s new is that he is not made out to be a crazy man.

Dr. Malhotra is right to say that heart deaths have increased alarmingly in the last few years. According to the British Heart Foundation there have been around 30,000 more deaths than expected involving heart disease since the pandemic began – more than 230 additional deaths over expected rates each week.

While Dr Malhotra acknowledges that other causes are a factor, he remains convinced that vaccines are also playing a role. He cites Pfizer’s own trial data, which showed there were four cardiac arrests in those who took the vaccine compared with just one in the placebo group.

Ponder for a moment how blandly that was put. Some 30,000 people might have been killed by the vaccine. Well, it was just playing a role…

Only now, thirteen months late, is the Telegraph softly telling its audience about the Gundry trial of cardiac risk markers that doubled after vaccination. The same one we discussed here in November 2021.

They’re also making up excuses to cover their own spineless insouciance for the last three years:

The problems are only now coming to light because Phase 3 clinical trials have too few people enrolled to pick up rare events, particularly if the heightened risk occurs in a small subgroup – such as young men.

Buried at the bottom — the meme that may start to take off:

Dr Malhotra believes the jab can rapidly speed up the development of heart disease, and now includes vaccine damage in his diagnoses of patients.

“When you’ve got a pre-dose angiogram and a post-dose one that shows damage that usually takes years to trigger, you have to think of the most likely explanation,” said Dr Malhotra.

The Red Pill cometh

As word spreads to a new audience, suddenly thousands more people will be noticing things they didn’t notice before. They might realize Aunt Millie got boosted a few weeks before her heart attack, or that their own heart hasn’t been quite the same, or that there was a 15 year old at school who died suddenly. The gnawing sense that the vaccines can cause harm may ignite the ripe fields of discontent.

Once alerted to a pattern, a brain is good at finding it everywhere. For once, confirmation bias is our friend. Hopefully this is where things start to unravel for the Big Lie — “Safe and Effective”.