Coastal Erosion? Well, It’s Climate Change, Innit?

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By Paul Homewood

You will all recall this piece of junk reporting by the BBC, which claimed:

But punishing weather conditions linked to climate change have eroded so much of the village’s soft sandy rock that her house is now the last one before the cliff edge.

As I mentioned, I fired off a complaint to the BBC about. I have just had their first response:

Thank you for contacting us and sharing your concerns with the BBC News Website article entitled, ‘Happisburgh: The Norfolk village crumbling into the sea’.
The article focused on how coastal erosion is affecting the village Happisburgh, hearing from Nicola who’s home is at the cliff’s edge and is worried she’ll have to move as the cliff crumble. We went on to hear from North Norfolk District Council about their relocation project and a spokesperson for the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
We do report that the village is “susceptible to erosion because the cliffs are made from boulder clay which slumps when wet” and that wooden and concrete defences “fell into disrepair as the cost of maintaining them rose.”
We do not claim that storms are the cause of the erosion, however the British Geological Survey does state “the future predictions of sea-level rise and storm frequency due to climate change are likely to have a profound impact on coastal erosion” and the Met Office acknowledges there are “genuine impacts” as a result of human-induced climate change:
(The BBC is not responsible for content found on non-BBC websites.)
We acknowledge the weight of scientific consensus around climate change and this underpins all of our reporting of the subject. The scientific community has reached a significant consensus on man-made global warming. We therefore reflect that with due weight when reporting on the science involved.

Kind regards,
Brónach Dawson

They never learn do they! Did they really think I would be fobbed off with a reply written by a girl who evidently has only just left school, judging by her profile page.

I have naturally responded, pointing out that they have not addressed my complaint, which is that there is no evidence for their claim about punishing weather conditions. Storms are not worse than before, and neither are sea level rise of any other form of extreme weather in Norfolk. I also point out that the BGS are only talking about a possible scenario in future, and that they have not said it is already happening. Indeed they say the cliffs have been eroding at the same rate for 5000 years.

Why they don’t simply publish a correction, which nobody would read anyway, instead of ending up in the ECU, where they might get egg on their face, I will never know.

But what I find most remarkable is how the likes of poor Bronach have been so badly brainwashed about climate change. She quite clearly believes, judging by her reply, that climate change really is eroding the cliffs at a rapid rate of knots, not to mention being responsible for all sorts of other nasty things. And she appears to be genuinely surprised that anybody should dare challenge her beliefs with actual facts!