Is the UK Hiding the True Magnitude of Covid Vaccine Deaths Caused by the mRNA Experiment??

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Why is there no update on Deaths by Vaccination Status, England for almost seven months?


By Joel Smalley

Don’t get me wrong, I’m no fan of the ONS Bulletin “Deaths involving COVID-19 by vaccination status, England”. I was one of the first to shred it when it first emerged, together with Prof. Norman Fenton, et al.

However, I recently saw a re-analysis of the latest bulletin data which is the best I’ve seen to date, showing just how bad it had become for the vaccinated by July 2022. I’m afraid it’s a confidential analysis so I can’t share it (yet).

It prompted me to revisit the bulletin though because I like to validate and verify these analyses for myself before reporting on them. But the main thing I could find worth reporting was actually nothing.

Yeah, nothing. The bulletin hasn’t been updated since July 2022 when others started “misinterpreting” the data, aka finding insights that the official statties seemingly couldn’t…

I looked back through the history and the ONS was updating this bulletin every one to two months between November 2021 and July 2022.

And then it just stops.

In 2020, we were bombarded daily with scary, fake COVID stats to keep people in a state of fear so that they would succumb to the experimental “cure”.

In 2021, we were bombarded with stories of how effective the “vaccine” was and how dumb the unvaccinated were who should be ostracised from society.

And yet in 2022, whilst we remain in a situation of higher mortality than expected, there is a conspicuous lack of interest to report.

Is there something to hide?

Dead people don’t lie. Empirical analysis of mortality and other data to eke out the truth about COVID.