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From Watts Up With That?

Bill Johnston

With all the chatter about rising temperatures and record hot years emanating from Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM), CSIRO, the Australian Academy of Science, hard-core professors and climate-clowns at the Climate Council, a series of hard-hitting reports are becoming available on www.bomwatch.com.au that investigate how under the guise of data homogenisation, a cabal of scientists within the BoM adjust Australia’s temperature records to produce trends that are unrelated to the true climate.

In a similar vein to activist organisation 350.org’s traditional view of power, Australia’s race-to-the-bottom net-zero pledge depends entirely on the single pillar of ACORN-SAT (Australian Climate Observations Reference Network – Surface Air Temperature). Unpicking ACORN-SAT, using robust, replicable methods has multiple benefits, including showing unequivocally that the models are wrong, and undermining the credibility of State of the Climate Reports and other propaganda published by CSIRO.

Figure 1. The power pyramid as envisaged by activist organisation 350.org “the organisation (they) can trust” (https://trainings.350.org/resource/understanding-people-power/).

Omitting the detail, which is in the reports, Blair Trewin, who developed the 112‑station ACORN-SAT dataset creates bogus trends by:

  • Adjusting site changes that made no difference, while ignoring those that did.
  • Selecting comparators as reference series without ensuring individual datasets are homogeneous.
  • Using reference series comprised of data that likely embed parallel faults, to make disproportionate adjustments to ACORN-SAT.

While data-fiddling should be viewed with great distain, it’s not the case for some, including Trewin, the BoM, CSIRO and professors and worker-ants who depend on money they get from the Australian Research Council to reshape our climate history.       

For example, adding an emotive personal touch activist heatwave expert Dr Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick chief investigator on the ARC Centre of Excellence for Climate Extremes, told www.news.com.au on 20 November 2021 that as a mother, person, and human being she made the “extreme decision to move her family from western Sydney to Canberra, where the climate is much cooler for her daughters, aged 2 and 4”. (https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/climate-change/family-moves-to-another-city-to-escape-atrocious-temperatures-due-to-climate-change/news-story/c9a4122d83bdaca3e15aed53d25cc599).

It comes with some surprise that previously, the same mother, person and human being promoted using use fake news, horror-stories and cli-fi to cause deep despair in the minds of vulnerable children and young adults, thinking about their future (https://theconversation.com/ can-cli-fi-actually-make-a-difference-a-climate-scientists-perspective-83033). Amid all the other stressors of growing-up, climate-porn pedalled by people they should be able to trust, is known to do real and lasting damage to vulnerable people and should be regarded as a form of child abuse.  

It is also useful for folks to remember that despite the hype, the atmosphere is still 99.96% CO2-free, and discounting station moves, changes and tricks like spraying-out the grass, detailed BomWatch studies have found no warming in the climate at Carnarvon, Meekatharra, Marble Bar, Parafield, Amberley, Rutherglen, and many other places including at weather stations along the Great Barrier Reef.

For her part, as mother, person, and human being, Perkins-Kirkpatrick could encourage her girls to enjoy re-runs of Frozen while she objectively analysed datasets that underpin her irrational warming-fears using BomWatch protocols. She could start with the freely available statistical packages detailed in the Parafield case study and datasets linked to each report, then openly discuss the outcomes at www.bomwatch.com.au or here on WUWT.

See her there!

Dr Bill Johnston

3 January 2023