Liberal Media Made Slew Of Dubious Climate Change Claims, New Report Finds

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From Tallbloke’s Talkshop

January 1, 2023 by oldbrew

The anti-all-things-modern propaganda goes on…and on and on. Relentlessly blaming severe weather on humans, or saying they made it worse, is silly and in any case unscientific. Why do they do it?
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The AP and other outlets made dodgy claims about climate change in 2022, with the AP getting over $8 million from activist groups to do it, says Climate Change Dispatch.

The “Climate Fact Check 2022″ report (pdf), presented by the Competitive Enterprise Institute (CEI), the Heartland Institute, the Energy & Environmental Legal Institute, the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT), and the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC), stated that “climate alarmists” and members of the media engaged in claims about the relationship between man-made emissions and natural disasters, claims that clashed with “reality and science.”

In February, the Associated Press admitted that they would assign more than 24 journalists across the globe to cover “climate issues” after receiving more than $8 million over three years from various organizations.

The organizations contributing to the “philanthropy-funded news” via a “climate grant” are the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Quadrivium, the Rockefeller Foundation, and the Walton Family Foundation.

AP News Vice President Brian Carovillano only accepts money “without strings attached” and asserted that funders do not influence the stories conducted.

Similarly, in March 2021 high-ranking State Department officials discussed a proposal to sponsor foreign journalists to “have experiences that educate them on reporting on climate change,” according to emails obtained by Protect the Public’s Trust (PPT) and shared with Fox News Digital.

Steve Milloy, a senior legal fellow at the Energy & Environment Legal Institute, told Fox News Digital that the Associated Press has essentially become a “propaganda outfit” for liberal organizations with climate agendas.

“It’s hard to claim it’s news when you’re being paid to report only one side of the climate discourse,” he said.

The report pointed to a recent article from the Associated Press by reporter Seth Borenstein called “New Abnormal: Climate Disaster Damage ‘Down’ To $268 Billion,” as proof of bias.

The article attributed flooding in Pakistan, Hurricane Ian, droughts in Europe, China, and Africa, as well as deadly heat waves across the world to climate change.

“Weather disasters, many but not all of them turbocharged by human-caused climate change, are happening so frequently that this year’s onslaught, which 20 years ago would have smashed records by far, now in some financial measures seems a bit of a break from recent years,” Borenstein wrote.

The Climate Fact Check report questioned whether climate activists and “media mouthpieces” could legitimately attribute disaster damages to climate change or if they were merely trying to “surf human tragedy” to advance a political agenda.

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