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By budbromley

The De-Population Bomb on Uncommon Knowledge

In 1970, Stanford professor Paul Ehrlich published a famous book, The Population Bomb, in which he described a disasterous future for humanity: “The battle to feed all of humanity is over. In the 1970s and 1980s hundreds of millions of people will starve to death in spite of any crash programs embarked upon now.” That prediction turned out to be very wrong, and in this interview American Enterprise Institute scholar Nicholas Eberstadt tells how we are in fact heading toward the opposite problem: not enough people. For decades now, many countries have been unable to sustain a #population replacement birth rate, including in Western Europe, South Korea, Japan, and, most ominously, China. The societal and social impacts of this phenomenon are vast. We discuss those with Eberstadt as well as some strategies to avoid them.

Wednesday, September 14, 2022  interview with Peter M. RobinsonNicholas Eberstadt

The Hoover Institution


The Peacemaker: Ronald Reagan, The Cold War, And The World On The Brink | Peter Robinson | Hoover Institution Uncommon Knowledge

Will Inboden is a man of many talents: author, academic, and national policy maker. He held positions with the State Department and the National Security Council before returning to academia to serve as executive director of the Clements Center for National Security and associate professor of public policy and history at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, both at the University of Texas- Austin. In this wide-ranging two-part interview, Inboden discusses in detail Reagan’s strategy and tactics in bringing the Cold War to a successful and peaceful conclusion through negotiation and, yes, some artful bluffing. In this first installment, we cover Reagan’s first term in which he deals with the public’s perception of his intelligence, a large and popular antinuclear movement, and the execution of his “peace through strength” initiative.
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Bud’s comment:

Eberstadt’s commentary dovetails perfectly with Klaus Schwab, WEF, UN, the Pope, King Charles, Bill Gates, Al Gore, etc (i.e., the Great Rest cabal) on open borders immigration and de-population except the cabal is pressing aggressive depopulation, whereas Eberstadt, Musk and others think depopulation is dangerous existentially for societies.

Unfortunately, Peter’s questions did not probe the WEF de-population open conspiracy, the elephant in the room.

Eberstadt’s analysis ignores the intentional, planned, lack of assimilation of some cultures, obviously Islam, into many countries. Perhaps Eberstadt’s book covers this most important existential point; without explaining that crisis, his entire analysis is dubious, a scatter of facts with no answers.

For example, large numbers of Muslim immigrants in many countries are not working, instead becoming dependent (or, continuing to depend) on governments, which contradicts his implied thesis that mass migration is a solution to de-population.

Will you lose your civilization to the islamic invasion or to de-population of your civilized society? The former is a certain strategy.