The dam is breaking


By Joel Smalley

One of the most disappointing features of the COVID debacle has been the cowardice shown by the majority of scientists and academics in general.

One would expect politicians to play politics but whilst scientists protected their careers, many people died preventable deaths.

Obviously, there are very notable exceptions to the cowardly crowd and I am humbled to have become closely acquainted with some of them.

Finally, the rest of their peers are now stepping up with papers that confirm many of their early suspicions and warnings.

There is one paper in particular, out of Philadelphia, which is doing the rounds. I’ve read three appreciations of it now and the professional consensus (ugh!) is that the more you mRNA inject, the more you disrupt the normal immunological response to a mutating, respiratory pathogen.

Who knew?

Well, I know half a dozen who did and were courageous enough to keep shouting it through the attempts to censor, vilify and denigrate.

They warned about the cancer too. Who listened?

Here’s a few Substacks on the recent papers in the order in which they appeared, ICYMI:

Five months before everyone else! Kudos, Brian!