Global Holiday Chaos: Long Queues as Tesla Drivers Overwhelm Charge Points

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Tesla fans all over the world are learning the hard way they should have bought a hybrid or a second vehicle.

From Britain;

Tesla owners’ fury at Christmas electric car chaos: Drivers demand more charging stations after the UK’s 6,712 rapid charge points for 420,000 electric vehicles leaves people waiting for THREE HOURS

  • Motorists say more charging points are needed to cater for the electric cars 
  • Vehicles were logjammed in Hertfordshire, Cumbria, Westmorland and Telford
  • The queues came as millions took to the roads to get home for the festive period
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PUBLISHED: 20:51 AEDT, 29 December 2022 | UPDATED: 02:40 AEDT, 30 December 2022

Electric car drivers have called for more charging points to be installed across the UK after some Tesla owners were left queuing for three hours.

Chaos engulfed the electric motoring network as demand appeared to outstrip supply in come areas.  

According to data from Zap Map there are currently 6712 rapid and ultra-rapid charging devices, across locations in the UK catering for the 420,000 plus cars.

Members of a Facebook group called ‘Tesla Owners Club UK’ expressed their frustration at the queues.

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From the USA, a few weeks ago (this story is from 2019, correction below);

Photos showed Tesla Supercharger stations faced long lines during holiday travel, revealing a big hurdle for EV makers

Mary Meisenzahl  
Dec 6, 2019, 4:27 AM

  • As electric vehicles become more common, access to charging stations can increasingly result in long lines.
  • Tesla owners posted videos and photos of long lines and broken chargers at Tesla Supercharger stations on social media around Thanksgiving.
  • These complaints indicate that Tesla and other electric vehicle manufacturers will have to build more charging stations, and convince customers that they’re reliably available before the cars really take hold, Business Insider transportation reporter Mark Matousek wrote.

Thanksgiving is one of the busiest travel times of the year, and some Tesla and other electric vehicle owners faced extra inconveniences when it came time to charge their vehicles. 

Tesla owners can typically do most of their charging at home, but at certain points demand spikes, according to Karl Brauer of Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book, via Business Insider transportation reporter Mark Matousek. One of those times is around holiday travel when road trips are more common and people would need to stop to recharge.

Like other electric vehicle companies, Tesla is expanding its charging network, although apparently not fast enough to prevent long waits over the holiday.

One California charging station had a line down the block of cars waiting to charge.

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From Australia;

Tesla chaos strikes: Long Christmas holiday queues for charging station reveals the harsh reality of owning an electric vehicle in Australia

  • Dozen Teslas seen waiting to recharge at charging bay in Wodonga, Victoria
  • A long queue of Teslas were also seen in a carpark in Coffs Harbour, NSW
  • Many blasted the lack of infrastructure set up to meet demand of EVs in Australia
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PUBLISHED: 13:33 AEDT, 29 December 2022 | UPDATED: 12:51 AEDT, 30 December 2022

Australian Tesla drivers have been forced to wait in 90-minute queues at charging stations as thousands take to the roads over the holiday period.

Queues for charging stations have been spotted nationwide, including in Victoria and NSW.

The huge queues have angered Tesla owners, with many blasting Australia’s lack of electric vehicle infrastructure.

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Building enough chargers to handle these surges in demand might reduce the queues, but someone would have to pay for the capital costs and upkeep of hundreds of chargers which would lay idle for most of the year.

If only there was a way to recharge a vehicle quickly, so a small number of charge points can service an unusually large number of automobiles without a serious additional delay. Say an energy containing liquid which could be transferred rapidly to the vehicle, to facilitate a fast turnaround when recharging lots of vehicles in a short period of time.

Correction (EW): The US story is from 2019. If anyone has any December 2022 charger queue stories be sure to post them.