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Germany: Now the failure of the energy transition is taking full effect


Gas storage facilities are emptying rapidly: Meanwhile, Germany is converting gas into electricity in record quantities

Robert Habeck received a lot of praise for the filled gas storage facilities – but now they are emptying at record speed. Because renewable energies do not supply reliably, Germany is converting gas into electricity in record quantities. The power problem is a reality.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) wished for a mild winter to protect the risky energy transition.

So far, he got it.

November was unusually warm and many heaters stayed off. Gas consumption was 27 percent lower than in previous years.

Accordingly, hardly any gas was taken from the German gas storage facilities. But winter has now also reached Germany.

Thanks to high “Erika”, the current December is as cold as it has not been for years. While people throughout Germany are getting in the mood for snowfall at Christmas, the heaters are also being turned up everywhere.

In recent days, the gas storage facilities have therefore emptied much faster than before. While the storage systems were still almost full at 98 percent at the end of November, they have now fallen to 90 percent (as of 15.12.). From 12 December, more than one percent was taken from gas storage facilities in Germany every day. A trend that could continue in cold weather.

Failure of the energy transition to be observed live

Federal Network Agency chief Klaus Müller criticizes the situation on Twitter, but does not see the green policy, but of all consumers in the debt: “Is due to cold temperatures & gas power generation, but burdens the gas storage & must not last the whole winter.” Despite record cold, Müller continues to call for savings. “

A national gas shortage in winter can be avoided if, firstly, the savings target of at least 20 percent continues to be achieved,” says the Federal Network Agency. However, the cold temperatures do not only fuel gas heaters. Electrically operated heat pumps also increase gas consumption.

Above all, however, in recent weeks, almost a third of all electricity was generated from natural gas. These are record figures. Renewable energies cannot secure Germany’s electricity supply and currently have to be balanced with the precious gas.

With persistent cold, the German electricity problem could be exacerbated by ever emptier gas storage facilities.

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