Cumbria Coal Mine Gets Go-Ahead

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By Paul Homewood

A victory for common sense!


Michael Gove has approved the first new UK coal mine in 30 years despite concern about its climate impacts among Conservative MPs and experts.

The proposed mine in Cumbria would dig up coking coal for steel production in the UK and across the world.

Critics say the mine would undermine climate targets and demand for coking coal is declining.

But supporters claim the mine, near Whitehaven, will create jobs and reduce the need to import coal.

The fate of the West Cumbria Mining project had been hanging in the balance for two years after the local county council initially approved the mine in 2020.

The project’s approval was suspended in early 2021, ahead of the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, after the government’s climate change adviser said it would increase carbon emissions.

The government’s advisory Climate Change Committee (UKCCC) pointed out that 85% of the coal produced by the mine would be exported.

Lord Deben, chairman of the CCC, described the proposal as “absolutely indefensible” and said its approval would damage the UK’s leadership on climate change.

While this is a much less biased piece than the series of outright anti-mine propaganda articles written by Harrabin last year, it is still woefully one sided.

Although short pro-mine comments are published from West Cumbria Mining, the local council and Northern Tories, the vast majority of the article is devoted to anti-mine ones from:

Lord Deben

Friends of the Earth

“Steel experts”

Ed Miliband

Green Party

“Senior Tories, such as Sharma and Kwarteng

Labour Party

South Lakes Action on Climate Change

I still don’t understand why tiny extremists groups such as FOE should get any airtime at all on the BBC.

Amongst the arguments against is that there will be little demand coking coal by the 2030s. I’m not sure what this has to do with the likes of Greenpeace, as it is a purely commercial matter for the company to weigh up.

Deben seems to think there is something wrong with exporting coal, but he is evidently happy that Russia exports coal to us, which inevitably leads to greater emissions, something he claims to care about.

And there is the usual nonsense about creating green jobs for the poor saps in Whitehaven who are desperate for well paid jobs at the mine. As we are finding to our cost, these green jobs are just a mirage.

I gather there is still a possibility of another legal challenge, which is the last thing Whitehaven needs. But hopefully we can now get on with a project which will be good for Cumbria and the country.

By the way, I really have to comment on this ludicrous piece in the pathetic Independent:

If they think that is “Backwards Britain”, what on earth do they call dismantling a wind farm to dig for coal in their beloved EU?


December 8, 2022

Cumbria Coal Mine Gets Go-Ahead — NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT