Vienna Expect a Blackout. First alarm for kindergartens now.

By exxpress

Parents are irritated, children are frightened. The city of Vienna is preparing intensively for a major blackout. Kindergartens should also prepare for emergencies. Currently, “pick-up plans” are being sent. If a child cannot be picked up, kindergartens should ensure a supply for 48 hours.

Suddenly it gets dark and cold, food cannot be warmed, mom and dad are not there. For kindergarten children, a blackout would be dramatic. In order to make the situation as controlled as possible, the Viennese kindergartens are currently preparing.

Because it can happen that the parents themselves are stuck and can no longer pick up their child, a concept is currently being processed. Goal: to be able to look after children for at least 48 hours without electricity and to be able to care for them in kindergarten.

Parents should consider who should pick up the child

Currently, many Viennese kindergartens send out a “pick-up plan”. Up to three strangers should be authorized to pick up the child. They must be able to identify themselves.