A little help for a colleague?

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Brief Note by Kip Hansen — 30 November 2022

My favorite bone whisperer, Dr. Susan Crockford, is writing a new book, which she describes as “the complete story of polar bear evolution, including the role of hybridization, but without the baffling scientific jargon.”

With all the nonsense being flung about in the IPCC-Global Warming-Climate Crisis kowtowing blathering press about the imminent demise of polar bears, wouldn’t it be terrific to be able to read the true Polar Bear story?  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to refer your friends and family to a book that would clarify the Great Polar Bear story, from the distant past to the present, in an easily accessible fashion, written by a real expert?

The new book has yet to have a title, but Dr. Crockford has a long history of writing informative books for both adults and children.  I—Kip Hansen—have reviewed several of them in these digital pages at WUWT.

But… [isn’t there always a “but”] …even for digital books, there are a lot of up-front production costs: for editing, drafting of figures, and e-book formatting.

Dr. Crockford, for the first time, is asking for a little help to defray those costs and facilitate getting the book out early next year.   She is even offering an incentive – a chance to win the opportunity to have a character in her next book [fiction, I assume] named after them.

Let’s give her a hand, from her colleagues and friends at WUWT.  A lot of little donations adds up to just enough to get the job done.

Read her appeal at:

Five years ago today, activist scientists tried to silence me: I’m still here but I need your help

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Author’s Comment:

Really, just askin’ for a friend.

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November 30, 2022

A little help for a colleague? — Watts Up With That?