Millions of rural households will be forced to spend £13k on heat pumps

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By Paul Homewood

It sounds as if the Tories are determined to commit electoral suicide:

Rural homeowners could be forced to spend £13,000 on controversial heat pumps as “net zero” rules cause traditional oil heating systems to be banned.

Government plans to phase out oil heating systems as part of its eco drive will cost rural homeowners £11,000 more than if a like-for-like replacement was used, trade bodies have warned.

From 2026, households will be banned from replacing liquid petroleum gas or oil boilers with equivalent models and will instead be forced to install expensive heat pumps.

Households on the gas grid will face a ban by 2035, but only if the price of the green technology has fallen to match gas boilers.

A report by the Energy Utilities Alliance, a trade body, found replacing a heating system costs £2,000 on average, while a heat pump costs £13,000 for equivalent homes.

Mike Foster, of the group, accused the Government of discriminating against rural homeowners and treating them like “low-hanging fruit”.

A survey by the trade body found 85pc of voters would not vote for any MP “that backed a ban costing them an extra £11,000 just to keep warm”.

The Government has held a consultation on the issue as part of its Heat and Buildings Strategy but has yet to publish a response. Mr Foster said it was likely homeowners would “have to find the extra £11,000 themselves to fit a heat pump”.

He said: “What is particularly unfair and discriminatory, is that those who live on the gas grid won’t face a ban until 2035, and then only if heat pumps have fallen to the same price as a gas boiler. Those using oil or liquid gas, mostly living in rural areas, have no such protection.

“It really is a matter now for politicians to take notice. If they don’t, then their P45s will be in the post after the next election.”

Around two million off-grid homes rely on oil or liquid petroleum gas to heat their home, according to Liquid Gas UK, another trade body. It said the push towards heat pumps risked penalising households with bills of up to £32,000, with installation and retrofitting costs factored in.

Sarah Lee, of the Countryside Alliance, a campaign group, said the plan to phase out liquid petroleum gas and oil boilers by 2026 was “unjust and unfeasible”. Most rural houses, she added, are unsuited to heat pumps in the first place “due to their archaic construction”.

Ms Lee said: “It is important the Government recognises the challenges facing rural households and supports sustainable heating solutions that work for all, no matter where you live, rather than using those who live in the countryside as guinea pigs.”

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy was contacted for comment.


November 29, 2022

Millions of rural households will be forced to spend £13k on heat pumps — NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT