Electric cars have to stop in Switzerland if there is a lack of electricity

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By Blackout-News.de

Switzerland imports large amounts of electricity. In 2021, Switzerland purchased a total of 5.7 billion kilowatt hours, mainly from France and Germany. However, the Swiss Federal Council fears that the necessary electricity from France and Germany could fail this winter due to the energy crisis. That’s why he decided on a drastic cost-cutting program to avoid a nationwide blackout (Golem: 11/24/22)

The cost-cutting measures provide for four steps, which in the last step also include planned grid shutdowns. Consumer groups with essential services as well as the energy and water supply, fire brigades, police and primary health care facilities are to be excluded to the extent technically feasible.

Large customers will be disconnected from the grid in stage 4 and electric cars will have to stop

Large consumers with an annual electricity consumption of at least 100 megawatt hours can be temporarily disconnected from the power supply in the event of a severe shortage. Around 34,000 companies would be affected by this regulation. Owners of electric cars may only make “absolutely necessary trips” in the event of a shortage. A good 110,000 owners of electric cars would be affected. The ski resorts would also be affected, because the production of artificial snow is prohibited in the event of a power shortage.

Switzerland has issued an ordinance on electricity shortages. Large customers will be disconnected from the grid in stage 4 and electric cars will have to stop

Appeal for voluntary renunciation in stage 1

In the first stage, the state government would first make urgent appeals to consumers to save money. But there are already the first bans in stage 1. This means that leaf blowers may no longer be used, and the seat heating is switched off at the chairlifts. Furthermore, the operation of private whirlpools, solariums, saunas, infrared cabins, steam baths, massage chairs and electrically operated wellness facilities is prohibited. In addition, there are stricter rules for temperatures at the workplace, for refrigerators and for warming devices in gastronomy.

First bans in stage 2

If “escalation level 2″ is declared, the operation of escalators is no longer permitted, and hotel guests would have to do without minibars. In discotheques, clubs, as well as at dance and similar events, the heating must be set to the lowest level or completely designed. Streaming services are prohibited from broadcasting in HD resolution.

Massive restrictions in level 3

From the third stage, all amateur sporting events will be banned. Private users will then be prohibited from turning on video, DVD and Blu-ray devices, game consoles and gaming computers. In stage 3, vehicle washes must also be shut down and sports facilities must no longer be illuminated. The mining of cryptocurrencies and high-frequency trading are then also prohibited.

Regulation to help avoid worse consequences

The Federal Council emphasises that the aim of each stage is to avoid worse consequences and harsher measures. In the event of an imminent electricity shortage, the regulations would enter into force gradually and be adapted to the respective supply situation.