Green Germany

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“The export-oriented German economy is suffering particularly from the high energy prices. Industry representatives fear that numerous companies will migrate. Politicians must take countermeasures – otherwise Germany would move “unchecked towards a dangerous turning point”.

Unternehmen in Energiekrise: „Kann der K. o. für den Standort Deutschland sein “– WELT

This comes one year after the German government announced the end of fossil fuels.

26th United Nations Climate Change Conference: End of the fossil fuel era | Press release | BMUV

Germany was among the frontrunners of the global agreement – both as a leading negotiator for the EU and as part of a new collaboration which will support South Africa in its phase-out of coal, and which aims to serve as a blueprint for other partnerships of the kind.

via Real Climate Science

November 27, 2022

Green Germany | Real Climate Science