#NetZero #healthcare. No patients. No emissions. Video and Power Point.

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It seems the health care community has been co-opted into climate dogma at national levels.

At COP26 last year in Glasgow, Canada (and other nations) committed to the World Health Organization’s (WHO) COP26 climate resilient/sustainability program.

But what does this mean for Canadians and our already struggling health care system.

It seems to mean that #climate doctors are now more interested in ‘planet saving’ projects that dealing with real human health care needs.

There have been a flurry of recent pre-COP27 news reports from doctors, most of whom are party to the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE) who are claiming that climate change is the cause of terrible health problems, that we are ‘addicted’ to fossil fuels, and that this is causing extreme weather events and wildfires.

In fact, modern medicine cannot exist without fossil fuel energy to build and run medical facilities, nor can we do without the product stream of everything for modern medicine from massive diagnostic units like MRIs, CT and PET scanners, to operating theatres with the stainless steel equipment, to PPEs – the protective masks and drapings that helped health care workers and patients stay safe through infectious incidents in the COVID pandemic, and in other potentially infectious situations (i.e. open body surgeries, contagious diseases, etc).

How is this also related to the fact that OECD nations have trillions of dollars of unfunded pension liabilities?

When patients can’t get timely care, their lives are shortened.

When people in Canada now face painful conditions and long wait lists, the federal government has weakened the laws on Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD), which in some cases has become the only ‘treatment’ left for those with no hope of proper care.

These topics are explored in this explainer video.

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COPY: Most people are unaware that at COP26, most of the global health care community signed on to the WHO’s commitment to ‘sustainable’ health care.

This means that many countries have #NetZero health care initiatives.

An article in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), authored by public health policy experts and two Canadian doctor/climate activists, is entitled “NetZero Health Care: A call for clinician action.”

Canada, and probably most of the OECD countries, have an extreme shortage of Long Term Care beds and demand will only grow until about 2035 when ‘boomer’ populations plateau.

The cost of beds and care for ‘boomers’ will skyrocket into the billions.

But, instead of addressing these human needs, the health care community, as discussed in the BMJ paper, are busy advocating for #climate ‘solutions’ – like putting solar panels on hospital roofs with batteries, or that staff or patients should take ‘active transport’ to work or the clinic (i.e. walking, transit, bike riding or e-scooters).

Modern health care is completely reliant on affordable, reliable, high quality (no dips or surges) electrical power.

Yet these non-engineer health experts are advocating for ‘solutions’ that are expensive, unreliable, and inappropriate for applications in medical care.

This video discusses the looming costs, challenges and dangers of very influential medical people who are not engineers promoting climate ideology, instead of ‘sticking to their knitting’ and putting their energies into patient care.

The problem is, once a ‘climate target’ of a 50% reduction in emissions in health care is set, as these groups have done, it becomes far too easy to look at the elderly, frail, or people with complex health or mental conditions, as nothing more than energy consumers and ‘useless eaters.’

The next step is to echo what the Weimar Republic did as public policy – euthanize people by coercion or by deceit without their consent.

Conflating #NetZero goals, climate change and health care is a dangerous path and Canada is already on it.

There’s no climate emergency, so there is no need for Net Zero targets.

There is a health care crisis – let’s address that, not climate ideology.

via Friends of Science Calgary

November 24, 2022

#NetZero #healthcare. No patients. No emissions. Video and Power Point. — Friends of Science Calgary