Environmentalism and federalism with ALEC’s Joe Trotter

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“Some states rely on free market principles and innovation to limit manmade emissions into the atmosphere, while others use a more heavy-handed approach by implementing of standards, enacting mandates and pricing schemes that benefit specific types of technologies. However, when the government inserts itself into the energy markets, taxpayers’ foot the bill. Inefficient government mandates driven by political interests often pick winners and losers in individual energy markets, causing, at best, skyrocketing costs through poor investment decisions. In some extreme cases, these regulatory regimes divert regular maintenance funds to shortsighted ideas that cause energy shortages, which can prove deadly.” — Joe Trotter 

In Episode 318 of District of Conservation, Gabriella welcomes her friend and ALEC’s Energy, Environment and Agriculture Director, Joe Trotter, to the program. Joe shares his background, how he got involved in the Great Outdoors, his most recent Energy Affordability Report, and anti-conservation propositions. Tune in to learn more!

EP 348: Get Ducks with Ramsey Russell District of Conservation

In Episode 348 of District of Conservation, Gabriella speaks with Ramsey Russell – owner of GetDucks.com. Learn about Ramsey's story and love of waterfowl today on the program. SHOW NOTES Hear Gabriella on Ramsey's Podcast Duck Season Somewhere Clarion Ledger: A freak accident could have killed him at 15. Now, this Miss. duck hunter travels the world. GetDucks.com Connect with Ramsey on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube — Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/district-of-conservation/support
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Meet Joe Trotter

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ALEC’s Energy Affordability Report, 2nd Edition

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November 23, 2022, By Gabriella Hoffman