Scientist Rebellion Activist Arrested for Bothering David Attenborough

Emma Smart and David Attenborough. Emma Smart, Source Twitter, Fair Use, Low Resolution Image to Identify the Subject. David Attenborough By John Cairns – The Bodleian Libraries, CC BY 4.0, link.

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Emma Smart apparently attempted to approach Attenborough to discuss his disregard for the excess and inequality of eating at a restaurant.

Weymouth climate change protester arrested while Sir David Attenborough dined

A climate change protester has been arrested after reportedly approaching Sir David Attenborough at a Michelin-star restaurant on the south coast. 

Dorset Police said Emma Smart, 45, was arrested on Thursday evening after an incident at Catch At The Old Fish Market in Weymouth.

Mrs Smart said in a statement: “The Catch is a symbol of excess and inequality in today’s world, Weymouth has average wages amongst the lowest in the UK and is at huge risk of sea level rises.

“Yet this restaurant still continues business as usual amongst the worst cost of living crisis many will ever experience.

“We don’t need another documentary series showing us that we are losing some 150 species going extinct globally every single day.

“What we need is action. Sir David is in a unique position to tell the truth about the biodiversity crisis.”

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Emma Smart seems to perhaps be a little obsessed with David Attenborough? In February she published a polite get lost letter from her hero. This letter was apparently a response to correspondence which started when Emma was in prison.

Emma Smart Attenborough Letter. Source Twitter.

The full BBC article mentions Emma was arrested under a Section 35 order, which in this case might mean she allegedly failed to obey a police order to get lost and stop harassing Attenborough.

Emma appears to be a member of “Scientist Rebellion “, an affiliate of Extinction Rebellion composed of scientists who are fed up with people not listening to their advice.

What do you think? Does Emma’s climate activism make you feel more inclined to listen to her scientific advice?

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November 18, 2022

Scientist Rebellion Activist Arrested for Bothering David Attenborough — Watts Up With That?