AP COP 27 Article Grossly Misrepresents Global Energy and Emissions Reality

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Guest essay by Larry Hamlin

The AP’s climate alarmist propaganda reporter Seth Borenstein wrote a ridiculous article that was published in the Orange County Register (shown below) that grossly misrepresented global energy and emissions reality in an attempt to falsely justify the need for the world’s developed nations to commit energy suicide (abandon cost effective reliable fossil fuels while foolishly increasing use of costly unreliable renewable energy) which has led to energy and economic debacles in the UK and EU with U.S. Democrats pushing this same energy incompetence and idiocy in the U.S. 

The AP article supported the contrived proposition that “it’s the wealthiest nations who cause more carbon pollution” and therefore “it’s best to look at the major northern emitters to begin with” in establishing future global energy policy to address the world’s growing emissions that are driven by these “wealthiest nations consumption patterns.” 

The AP article deceptively and dishonestly conceals the reality of global energy use “consumption patterns” as presented in the EIA IEO 2021 Report data shown below.

The world’s wealthiest nations are represented by the OECD countries (the AP articles “major northern emitters”) with the EIA data showing that these nations year 2020 energy use “consumption patterns” accounted for only 38.7% of world energy use while the non-OECD developing nations energy use “consumptions patterns” accounted for 61.3% of total year 2020 global energy use. 

Furthermore, EIA data projects that the non-OECD developing nations growing energy use “consumption patterns” will further increase these nations share of the world’s total energy use to 68.3% by year 2050 while the OECD nations energy use share declines to only 31.7% by year 2050.

Therefore, by year 2050 EIA projects that the growing energy use “consumption patterns” of the world’s non-OECD nations will account for over 83% of the world’s growth of total energy use from year 2020.

The EIA IEO 2021 Report also presents global population data from year 2020 to year 2050 as shown below.

The year 2020 data shows that the OECD nations represent only 17.7% of the world’s population compared to the non-OECD nations global population share of 82.3% with this latter figure further increasing to 84.7% by year 2050. These huge population numbers for the non-OECD nations account for why these nations energy use “consumption patterns” dominate total global energy use which the AP article deceptively and dishonestly conceals.

The AP article headline highlights that the world is getting “hotter” but failed to provide recent global temperature anomaly trend data addressing this issue. Climate alarmists first established a “climate emergency declaration” in year 2016 and have been hyping that alarmist propaganda claim for the last 7 years.

NOAA’s latest global temperature anomaly trend data covering the last 7 years as shown below establishes that the global temperature anomaly trend has been declining since 2016 at a rate of -1.3 degrees C per century.

This declining global temperature anomaly trend since 2016 established by NOAA is also present in other global temperature anomaly measurement systems including the NASA GISS, UAH and RSS systems with the average declining trend measured by these systems being about -1.56 degrees C per century since the “climate emergency declaration” was hyped by climate alarmists.

During the period of this global temperature anomaly decline world energy use has increased by more than 8.6% with the world’s non-OECD nations energy use “consumption patterns” climbing by 15.8% while the OECD nations energy use “consumption patterns” were decreasing by -1.3% according to the year 2022 BP World Statistical Energy Report.  

The world’s OECD energy use “consumption patterns” data presented here along with the clearly established world dominance of the energy use “consumptions patterns” by the non-OECD nations does not support the incompetent climate alarmist propaganda demands that the OECD nations commit energy use suicide in the future as demanded by energy and climate clueless Democrats in California and Congress including our so called “President”.  

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November 19, 2022

AP COP 27 Article Grossly Misrepresents Global Energy and Emissions Reality — Watts Up With That?