Green Fascism Looms Behind Veil of Fake Benevolence…” Much More Radical Groups”

Greens: fascism looming behind a veil of fake benevolence

By Fred F. Mueller

In just a few years, an alarming new trend has gone viral. The “classic” green climate warriors like Greenpeace and the WWF are rapidly being outflanked and overtaken by much more radical groups who have given themselves frightening names such as “Extinction Rebellion” or “Last Generation”. Instead of taking to the streets simply placards and banners, these “activists” are swarming out in small groups armed with superglue, mashed potatoes or tomato soup. Their intention is to break the law in spectacular ways, without regard for the damages or consequences caused to others. Their indiscriminate attacks have targeted airports, artworks, museums, offices or the premises of ministries or administrations.

Claim the ends justify the means

But their favorite tactic is causing traffic jams by gluing themselves to the asphalt, forcing people to lose time and money or to even miss cancer treatments, court hearings and police deadlines for probation exemptions. In one recent case in Berlin, such a blockade had fatal consequences. After an accident, emergency rescue services could not reach a woman who had been caught under a truck in time. The victim suffered serious injuries before she died. Notwithstanding such events, the people causing the mayhem to have shown no remorse and maintain that climate change dangers are so urgent that they are mandated to take action no matter how severely they interfere with other people’s lives.

Panic-driven defiance of democracy and the rule of law

Interestingly enough, quite a number of them are not typical troublemakers or hooligans, but rather ordinary citizens. A typical example is a grey-haired, 54-year-old married mother of two, working part-time for a minimal wage to help her family make ends meet. After travelling several hundred kilometers to glue herself on the asphalt in Berlin, she was arrested and recently put behind bars for the first time in her life. Far from being repentant, she read a long, well-prepared statement pleading for the judge to disregard the law and let her go without fine. In her view, she acted in despair, driven by the imminent danger the current human-induced climate change posed for mankind and the planet. Fighting against this disaster would justify carrying on her activities. In her final statement after receiving her verdict, she made it clear that the penalty would not deter her from continuing to undertake such actions – unless society acts against climate change.

Catholic priests joining “glue-ins”

“The whole earth is on fire. We are the first generation to start feeling the coming climate collapse and the last to still have a chance of doing something against it,” the woman claimed. This mass phenomenon underscores how fear of an allegedly imminent climate disaster has been whipped up to such an extent that we are currently seeing a panic-driven mass phenomenon. Ordinary people are now prepared to abandon any respect for democracy and the rule of law if the rest of society is not willing to align with their views. In other words, a rising fascism masked by the friendly faces of neighbors and sport club mates. Meanwhile, even some Catholic priests are joining these glue-ins.

The agitators

Normally, one would expect that in the exclusive world of high-level natural sciences, the involved experts would be restrained, well-tempered characters hardly inclined towards extremist views of societal issues. In other words, the likes of Lord Rayleigh, Nils Bohr, Pierre and Marie Curie or Johannes van der Waals. But these times seem to be long gone. If we look at what Swiss Professor Reto Knutti, atmosphere physicist at the renowned University ETH Zürich, he told the highly circulated tabloid “Sonntagszeitung” in an interview published on October 30, 2022, that the four main environmental threats are mankind, which is:

  • Stupid
  • Lazy
  • Egoistic
  • Short-sighted

This remark lays bare a shocking mindset of one of the most prominent European and international experts of climate alarmism. Holding posts in many high-level political institutions and academic circles, Knutti is a frequent interview partner for the media. He contributed to IPCC publications since 2001 and has been one of the lead authors of the IPCC Assessment Reports number 5 and 6. His H-index in the scientific world is 87, a value only attainable by “unparalleled personalities”.

Not even Stalinist leaders admitted to rejecting humanity

This statement from such a prominent person is really breathtaking. It might be difficult to find any politician or scientist of comparable significance who publicly admitted to such a damning stance concerning mankind as a whole. Neither fascist nor Stalinist leaders admitted to rejecting humanity in total, rather pretending to support “the masses” against a minority of oppressors.

In stark contrast, the “green” philosophy is fundamentally different in that is does not intend to lift humanity out of poverty. Rather it focuses on impoverishing it, preaching austerity and renunciation, stopping growth and the creation of wealth – at least for the masses. So no wonder Reto Knutti advocates harsh measures against citizens. Without much regard for the free will of the individual, people should be forced to renounce the use combustion-engine cars, and to pay much more to fly or to heat with affordable oil or gas.

Hardship, grim choices for the ordinary

Notwithstanding the hardships greens envision for ordinary people, allegedly green-minded entrepreneurs such as Elon Musk, whose high-priced battery electric vehicles are in line with green philosophy, have amassed incredible fortunes in a record time. Musk has become one of the richest men in the world, while millions of poor households face grim choices between eating and heating.

Highway to hell 

Unfortunately, Reto Knutti is not alone. We currently can admire a mass pow-wow of tens of thousands of climate fear spreaders of his caliber in Sharm El Sheikh. The UN Secretary-General does his best to instill fear and panic to countless millions of people with his sayings like: “We’re full throttle on the highway to hell”. Unfortunately, he’s right, but not because of climate change itself, but rather because of the climate change policies of our governments. Europe, hitherto a haven of financial and societal stability, is now experiencing double-digit inflation rates, skyrocketing energy prices and a looming tsunami of layoffs and company closures. And there is little hope that the coming years might bring about any significant relief.

The executors

In many western countries, the greens have taken control of at least a part of the levers of power und are eager to win control over the rest. Their aim is to exert full power over their citizens. Exploiting electronic communication is the name of their game. While complaining loudly about surveillance in China, they transform your smartphone into the eyes and ears of Big Brother. App after app is made available with the aim of nudging citizens to carry the device constantly with them as soon as they leave home or office. Take a flight? Your boarding card is on your smartphone. Have to prove that you received the latest Covid jab? The document is on your smartphone. Train ticket? On your smartphone, together with your museum ticket. Want to pay cashless in the supermarket? Use your smartphone. Pay for the parking? Just scan the QR-Code. Want to monitor your health and fitness activities? Use your smartphone, of course.

Big Brother via your mobile phone 

And what does your smartphone do? It collects and sends everything you do and every place where you go straight to Big Brother. One of the latest trends is to eliminate the use of cash, as one can see taking place in some Scandinavian countries. In the near future, one will not be able to spend the slightest amount of his money without some faceless authority knowing every detail of the transaction: Who to whom, when, where, and what for.

With the help of giant Artificial Intelligence (AI) computer programs, every aspect of your whereabouts and deeds are processed and a detailed analysis of your preferences and mindset is permanently updated and kept in giant computer memories.

Greens putting AI to use

Do you think China is a surveillance state with all these cameras at every street intersection? The people in charge of the Chinese secret service would pay handsomely in exchange for the sophisticated AI software and hardware gadgets that their Western counterparts have at their disposal. And the greens know how to put such instruments to use. In Germany, they are running key ministries such as the foreign ministry and the ministry of economics.

Have taken over key ministries

Another interesting aspect of the greens is their astonishing flexibility with respect to political principles. In their early years, they counted Yassir Arafat among their acquaintances and were foes of the military and especially the NATO alliance. Having morphed into staunch supporters of the latter, green foreign minister Annalena Baerbock and economic minister Robert Habeck did all they could to cut off Germany from cheap Russian pipeline gas in favor of US and Qatari LNG gas with a sixfold higher price. As a result, the German Government has to shell out at least 200 billion euros for this heating period alone to help people over the next cold months.

But even this enormous sum is nothing more than a short-term patch aimed at averting immediate revolts. With the relations with Russia in shambles and the 20 billion North Stream pipeline reduced to a heap of rusting scrap on the bottom of the Baltic Sea, how do they intend to help their population and their industry over the long-term disadvantages resulting from their feud with their key energy supplier?

Citizens’ views no longer matter

During an interview, Annalena Baerbock gave an answer highlighting her disdain for her own population when she told journalists that she would maintain her political course “no matter what my German voters think”. Any questions about the mindset of these “saviours of the planet”?

As a result of skyrocketing energy prices, German aluminum smelters are currently experiencing a 25% loss in sales. And don’t expect them to step down when anger grows. In stark contrast to the swift retreat of Liz Truss when she realized the swing in public mood after her gaffes, German greens can be expected to stay glued to their political posts, come hell or high water.

Fred F. Mueller

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