The BBC Defends Special People Flying Private Jets to COP27

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Essay by Eric Worrall

h/t Peta of Newark; In 2020, the BBC asked “should we give up flying for the sake of the climate?”. That same BBC defends the right of the climate elite to continue using private jets.

How many private jets were at COP27?

By Reality Check team

BBC News

There has been criticism on social media of delegates arriving at the COP27 United Nations Climate Change Conference, in Sharm el-Sheikh, Egypt.

The day before the conference began, hundreds of environmental activists stopped private jets leaving Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, by sitting in front of their wheels and riding around the airfield on bicycles.

What is the carbon footprint of private jet travel?

Emissions per kilometre travelled are significantly worse than any other form of transport.

A government spokesperson said: “This delegation travelled on one of the most carbon-efficient planes of its size in the world and carbon emissions from these flights are also offset.” 

The Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit’s international lead told BBC Newsthat focusing on world leaders taking private jets to COP27 was “missing the point”.

The emissions are negligible compared to the impact of decisions and commitments made at these summits,” he said.

If you want emissions to come down, you want leaders in the room and media, scientists and stakeholders asking the important questions.” 

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Start as you mean to continue?

I love articles like this, because they give us a glimpse of the cruel medieval world, I believe our climate elites are attempting to engineer.

The picture in my mind is the movie “The Hunger Games “, in which ordinary people are coerced into giving up automobiles, clothes washing machines and driers, air conditioners, home heating, and other modern conveniences. A world in which ordinary people are continuously exhorted to live low carbon lives of manual labor, drudgery and hardship, for the sake of the planet, while the elites continue to live high on all the luxuries they deny to everyone else, because of the alleged importance of their work.

If you have any doubts, ask yourself when the BBC and British Government plan to stop trying to grant moral passes to the elite, because of the alleged importance of their work.

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November 13, 2022

The BBC Defends Special People Flying Private Jets to COP27 — Watts Up With That?