John Kerry Accused of Proposing US Companies Buy Their Way Out of Climate Action

COP27 Awkward: John Kerry Shaking Hands with Accused Narco-Terrorist Venezuelan dictator Nicholas Madurro. Madurro has a Justice Department Bounty of $15 million. Source Daily Mail, Fair Use, Low Resolution Image to Identify the Subject.

Essay by Eric Worrall

A scheme for permanent impoverishment of poor countries? US companies pay poor countries to stay poor?

Kerry announces — and is immediately criticised for — a new plan to raise money for climate action

By CNN 4:49am Nov 10, 2022

US climate envoy John Kerry has announced a new, controversial plan to raise cash for climate action in the developing world — by selling carbon credits to companies wishing to offset their polluting emissions.

Speaking at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt on Wednesday, Kerry said the initiative should be “up and running” within a year and would help finance energy transition in vulnerable countries. He said Chile and Nigeria were two countries that had already expressed interest in the scheme.

But the plan has already attracted criticism because of the way it will be financed — with money raised in sales of carbon credits, which allow companies to pay for someone else to cut their planet-warming emissions, instead of cutting their own.

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What can I say – wrong on so many fronts. For once I agree with Kerry’s green critics.

Not only would this scheme allow US companies to buy their way out of the climate action greens like Kerry say is vital to save the planet, Kerry’s proposed scheme would pay poor countries not to copy the US path to industrialisation – which would likely condemn them to staying poor.

If renewable energy is so much cheaper than fossil fuel, as green advocates claim, poor countries will jump at the opportunity to invest in green energy of their own free will, without any need for climate finance schemes like the one Kerry proposed. Any day now /sarc.

Update (EW): Added The DEA Wanted Poster for accused Narco-Terrorist Nicholas Maduro, the guy Kerry shook hands with.

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November 9, 2022