British Police Officer Injured in Just Stop Oil Traffic Chaos

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Essay by Eric Worrall

Thankfully no serious injury, unlike two unlucky women who died in climate protest traffic chaos a few weeks ago. One of the dead women was a mother of four.

Essex police officer injured as Just Stop Oil protests continue on M25

Wednesday 9 November 2022, 9:19am

A police officer has been injured after being struck on the M25 as Just Stop Oil protests continue

The officer, who was riding a police motorcycle, was involved in a rolling roadblock after reports of a person being on the road.

During the roadblock, between junctions 26 for Loughton and 27 for the M11, there was a collision between two lorries and the officer. 

Essex Police said the officer had not been seriously injured. 

One person has been arrested on suspicion of causing a public nuisance. 

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In my opinion British climate protestors are causing deadly danger through their reckless endangerment of others.

I totally support the right of climate protestors to stage a public protest, to present their case, even if I think they are a joke. A free society tolerates law abiding clowns.

But these climate protestors are not well behaved, they are going well beyond simple public speech. Their reckless disruptive tactics are putting people in danger, in ways which in my opinion have already caused deaths, and which possibly just contributed to the injury of a police officer.

The sooner these hooligans are taken off the streets and locked up with long jail sentences, the better.

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November 9, 2022