Britain Joins Australia’s Call for Bigger Climate Change Payouts

Guest essay by Eric Worrall

Is Prime Minister Flip-Flop planning £60 billions of tax rises and spending cuts so he can provide large “climate pledge” payouts to foreigners?

Cop27: Sunak says it is ‘morally right’ for UK to honour climate pledges

Prime minister tells summit Britain will honour commitments but makes no mention of reparations

Aletha Adu Tue 8 Nov 2022 07.08 AEDT

Rishi Sunak has said it is “morally right” that Britain honours its climate change commitments in his speech at Cop27, but he made no mention of paying reparations after Boris Johnson said the country cannot afford to do so.

The prime minister made a very short appearance on the world stage on Monday, after making a very public U-turn on his attendance in Egypt – the same reversal that may have left him living in Johnson’s shadow, as he was forced to speak hours after his rival.

He said he believed the conference could deliver on the promises, and announced the UK was tripling its funding to help nations adapt to the impacts of climate change.

But he was unable to spell out how developed countries, who in his words had been “unfairly burdened with the carbon debt of richer nations” were going to be supported.

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Rishi Sunak speaking at COP27

WUWT predicted a few days ago that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak going to COP27 was a bad idea.

Former Prime minister Boris Johnson made a statement that Britain cannot afford climate reparations. I’m not sure if Rishi is still taking orders from Boris, but Rishi notably avoided using the phrase “climate reparations”.

There is a big question over where all this money Rishi Sunak is promising is supposed to come from. Britain’s public finances are in a precarious state.

All the government expenditure on renewables and Covid lockdowns, and all the damage to the economy from high energy prices, have caused British government debt to blow out so much, last month global markets forced Britain to accept a rise in the cost of borrowing.

Given the number of British people struggling with power bills and the high cost of living, I suspect the last thing Britons want right now is for their show boat Prime Minister to start handing large amounts of British taxpayer’s cash to climate supplicants.

In my opinion only the US Midterm elections stands in the way of the USA joining this insane Western cash giveaway. Australia is backing the climate reparation push, and Britain has promised bigger climate payouts. In my opinion Canada and New Zealand will likely fall in line. Only the USA can pull the plug on this dash to give all our money away.

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November 8, 2022