Australia Backs Climate “Loss and Damage” Compensation at COP27

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Essay by Eric Worrall

Last September, the Australian government told voters Australia’s financial situation is too precarious to continue a six-month gasoline tax holiday. Those same politicians now want to give our tax money away to other countries.

Australia backs discussion on climate change compensation as it bids to co-host UN climate summit

By political reporter Henry Belot

Australian officials at a climate change conference in Egypt have spoken in favour of allowing discussion about wealthy nations paying compensation to developing nations for “loss and damage” caused by global warming.

Key points:

  • Australia wants to co-host the 2026 UN climate conference with Pacific nations
  • Federal minister Pat Conroy says a co-hosted conference would send a powerful message
  • Climate Analytics chief executive Dr Bill Hare warned that Australia must improve its climate record to win support

The move comes as Australia openly lobbies nations to support its bid to co-host the 2026 UN climate conference with Pacific nations.

Minister for International Development and the Pacific, Pat Conroy, will lead Australia’s delegation during the first week of talks and says a co-hosted conference would send a powerful message.

“I think people are broadly supportive but obviously other countries in our regional bloc may have interest in it so there will be the normal sort of diplomatic rumble and tumble about it,” Mr Conroy told the ABC.

“I think the symbolism of Australia, which until the election was a laggard on climate change, hosting the event with the Pacific which is on the frontline would be very powerful.”

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I think Australians would accept the pump price pain, if the gasoline tax money was used to help Australia. For example, Australia desperately needs upgrades to our reservoirs and flood control measures, to avoid a repeat of this year’s horrible series of floods.

I’m not sure the Australian public will feel the same about simply giving that tax money away to other countries.

Australia’s climate grandstanding could also cause diplomatic problems for the USA, Canada and Britain, if other Western countries resist Australia’s call to join the taxpayer money giveaway.

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November 6, 2022