Australia Bidding to Host the COP31 Climate Conference in 2026

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Essay by Eric Worrall

Kiss goodbye to the Aussie coal industry? Are Australia’s climate fanatic politicians planning to sell out Australia’s fossil fuel industry, to secure support for hosting the COP31 climate conference in 2026?

Australia to bid to host climate change conference COP 31

By Nick Pearson 12:23pm Nov 5, 2022

Australia will bid to host the world’s biggest conference on climate change in 2026, the government has announced.

Climate Change and Energy Minister Chris Bowen confirmed the country will bid to host COP 31 in partnership with Pacific nations.

COP 31 is the shortened name for the United Nations Climate Change Conference.

“This is an Olympic moment – a huge opportunity to host a nation-building global event,” O’Gorman said.

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Last June, Aussie Federal Climate And Energy Minister Chris Bowen explained we don’t have to worry about renewable energy intermittency, because we can store electricity like water.

Aside from being technologically ignorant, in my opinion Bowen may be one of those insecure Aussie politicians, who is utterly desperate for international recognition.

We can only speculate what rash promises or taxpayer cash giveaways Aussie Federal Climate and Energy Minister Chris Bowen will offer, to make a favourable impression on international climate conference delegates. If Bowen is as weak as I fear, it won’t take long for climate conference delegates to figure him out.

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November 5, 2022