Turn Your Lights On, It’s Friday!

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By Paul Homewood

5 hours done, 8755 to go!

By Euronews Green with Reuters • Updated: 11/10/2022

Renewable energy met all of Greece’s electricity needs for the first time ever last week, the country’s independent power transmission operator IPTO announced.

For at least five hours on Friday, renewables accounted for 100 per cent of Greece’s power generation, reaching a record high of 3,106 megawatt hours.

Solarwind and hydro represented 46 per cent of the nation’s power mix in the eight months to August this year, up from 42 per cent in the same period in 2021, according to Greece-based environmental think-tank The Green Tank.


As ever with these renewable puff pieces, they don’t tell you the rest of the story.

On Friday 7th, it was very windy, and wind power was running at around 2.4 GW for most of the day:


However, just two days later that wind disappeared almost entirely, and for the next week gas and lignite were needed to supply most of Greece’s electricity.

Greece typically imports only about a tenth of its electricity needs, mostly from Slovenia, Bulgaria and Italy. Clearly then it would not be able to rely on imports when wind power is seriously curtailed.

It is of little benefit having renewables supplying all of your power for five hours, if produce little for the rest of the week!


October 17, 2022

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