New Study Claims the CO2 Increase Since 1850 Can Account for Only Half of Modern Global Warming

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“The cause of global warming is still under debate.” – Choi and Manousiouthakis, 2022

Radiative models estimating the temperature effects of increasing CO2 to 420 ppm indicate 0.64°C of the alleged 1.2°C warming since the 19th century could be explained by CO2 increases.

Image Source: Choi and Manousiouthakis, 2022

A 2013 study suggested only 0.26°C (<33%) of the warming since 1880 could be attributed to the 290 to 385 ppm CO2 increase.

Image Source: Laubereau and Iglev, 2013

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By Kenneth Richard on 17. October 2022

New Study Claims The CO2 Increase Since 1850 Can Account For Only Half Of Modern Global Warming (