Big Oil heiress funding ‘Just Stop Oil’ group that threw soup on Van Gogh painting

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Fox news published this story

A Big Oil heiress is a key funder of a sprawling global network of grassroots climate groups, including the U.K.-based Just Stop Oil, which staged a protest Friday vandalizing a famous painting.

Aileen Getty, the granddaughter of the Getty Oil founder, is the founding donor of the Climate Emergency Fund (CEF), a Los Angeles-based organization that finances several high-profile climate protest groups around the world. Getty, who is a prolific environmental philanthropist, wired $500,000 to CEF shortly after it was founded in 2019, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Boosted by Getty’s initial and continued contributions, CEF has awarded millions of dollars to radical groups that have engaged in disruptive protests worldwide. Among CEF’s grantees is the A22 Network, which is made up of Just Stop Oil, the U.S.-based Declare Emergency and groups in nine countries including Germany, France and Canada.

In recent months, the group has repeatedly organized protests in which its members have glued themselves to famous paintings. Just Stop Oil activists have also blocked major roads and highways in the U.K., in some cases forcing emergency vehicles to take different routes to their destination.

There’s nothing new here, whiny narcissistic children prattling on in their deluded sense of moral superiority and committing vandalism, financed by the spoiled heirs of industrial magnates, who can only give meaning to their luxurious but empty lives with virtue signaling.

If you watch the video, either because it loads above or you go to link, note the inflection of the girl speaking. It’s an exact Greta Thuneberg imitation. The indoctrination is ubiquitous.

I’ve embedded the video, but Fox News embeds are notoriously slow to load.

Also, by choosing Tomato Soup (cans), an extremely important historical symbol in American modern art, ala Warhol, they have actually created a performance art piece which could be said to have an interesting media-is-the-message self-referential art loop. Campbell’s would have been a better choice.

I doubt many art critics will take note.

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October 15, 2022