BMW To Move Production of Electric Minis to China

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By Paul Homewood

Terrible news, but hardly surprising:

Energy costs will close two major ‘green’ manufacturing operations

• BMW is moving manufacturing of the electric Mini from the UK to China where manufacturing is powered by cheap coal.

• Britishvolt, a major battery manufacturing startup, is on the brink of collapse.

Both companies have cited high energy prices as the reason for their problems.

Claims that the UK’s economy will be based around ‘green industries’ are clearly false.

• Manufacturing of renewables and EVs will be built in places where energy is cheap, which means places where it is derived from fossil fuels.

• European wind turbine manufacturers are financially struggling and cutting jobs, losing market share to Chinese manufacturers who are benefiting from cheap coal.

• Net Zero is driving the wholesale deindustrialisation of Britain which threatens to make the UK uninvestable.

The economic crisis can only be solved by cheap energy

• There will be no economic growth without cheap energy.

• Cheap energy can only be delivered through increased supply of fossil fuels and nuclear, and elimination of renewables.

Net Zero plans must be cancelled as a matter of urgency.

I said years ago that China would be the beneficiary of our EV policy. The European car industry has long maintained a healthy engineering advantage over China, to such an extent that the latter’s lower manufacturing costs would not be enough to make their cars competitive.

The ban on petrol cars has effectively wiped that slate clean, and China can now compete on more even terms in the electric car market. And with their virtual monopoly of the world’s battery industry, lower energy costs and cheap labour, they will come to dominate the EV market just as they have managed to do with everything else.

Mark my words- BMW won’t be the first European car to be outsourced to China.


October 15, 2022

BMW To Move Production Of Electric Minis To China | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (