WaPo weather guy Matthew Cappucci perpetuates the climate hoax with misleading report on new rain ‘study’

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Like fish in a barrel.

Here is the Washington Post article (Web | PDF) by the Capital Weather Gang’s Matthew Cappucci about a new study in Geophysical Research Letters.

Note the certainty of the headline (above) and opening paragraphs (below), including the certain attribution to “humans”, a synonym for manmade emissions of greenhouse gases.

Now compare that certainty with the last paragraph of the study’s analysis, especially the highlighted portion.

Note the incongruity… Cappucci’s false presentation of certainty vs. the study authors’ clear admission of uncertainty.

Unfortunately, Cappucci seems to be a committed climate propagandist working at a propaganda outfit committed to the climate hoax. Since our last clash, he blocked me on Twitter.

The WaPo masthead reads “Democrats Dies in Darkness” … especially when you leave the inconvenient truths buried in the paywalled study.

via JunkScience.com


October 13, 2022