Science cop-out expected for COP27 

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Arctic ocean near Barrow, Alaska [image credit: Beth Ipsen/Associated Press]

Another climate worrier fest, another year of the non-existent Arctic summer sea ice ‘death spiral’. How long can this charade go on?
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COP27 is almost upon us, says Net Zero Watch.

That means it’s the time of year when we take stock of the changes we see taking place in the Earth’s climate, when we begin to think aboout placing the weather events of 2022 into the context of decadal trends.

This review, however, might leave some delegates heading to Egypt for the 27th UN climate summit a little confused.

The data for the summer extent of Arctic sea is already available which – the delegates will be told yet again – is dwindling so rapidly that it will inevitably lead to an ice-free summer later this decade … or most certainly next decade … or almost certainly the decade after that.

Confusingly, its minimum extent for 2022 is about the same as 2017 and 2018 and is only the 10th lowest on record.

It is clear that the decline in minimum Arctic ice extent seen since satellite records have been available (1979) has levelled off as this year is near the average it was a decade ago.

The recent rebound of Arctic sea ice is particularly noticeable in Alaska.

Not that much has happened at the opposite pole either. Although Antarctic sea ice extent hit record lows for most of the growth season there was a strong recovery in September.

So the polar ice summary for COP27 is that there is nothing unusual happening, at least as regards polar ice extent.

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