New Statesman Takes Us All for Fools

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By Paul Homewood

For over 100 years we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing independent, factual and intelligent journalism. As a reader of the New Statesman, we know you value deeper analysis of these turbulent times. With the escalating threat of the climate crisis, your support is important now more than ever so we can continue to report on the causes and consequences of rising climate disasters.
Next week we are publishing a special issue, State of Emergency, guest edited by world renowned climate activist Greta Thunberg, featuring contributions from Björk, Ai Weiwei, Rebecca Solnit, Margaret Atwood, Amitav Ghosh and many more. The magazine goes on sale Friday 21st October – subscribe or head to your local newsstand to avoid missing out.

So this is what 100 years of “factual journalism” has led to!

Greta, Bjork (Icelandic singer who used to be famous thirty years ago), Ai Weiwei (a Chinese contemporary artist), Rebecca Solnit (an American writer on feminism), Margaret Atwood (Canadian novelist), and Amitav Ghosh (Indian novelist, [no me neither!])

Do people really pay to read this sort of tripe?


October 14, 2022

New Statesman Takes Us All For Fools | NOT A LOT OF PEOPLE KNOW THAT (