British House of Lords: “Covid was a crisis, the climate is a crisis. We can learn some very important messages around the communications”

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According to the British House of Lords, a third of planned Net Zero emission cuts must come from changes to behaviour.

Use Covid lessons to curb climate change, Lords tell government

By Georgina Rannard

BBC News Climate and Science

Information campaigns like those used in the Covid-19 pandemic would help individuals act on climate change, a House of Lords report has said.

To meet climate goals, a third of cuts to UK emissions by 2035 must come from people changing their behaviour, it says.

It calls the government’s current approach “seriously inadequate”.

In response the government said it is fully committed to its legally binding net zero climate goals.

“People will have different lifestyles and make different choices about what changes they need to make, but we’re quite clear that people need to be helped to take this forward,” Baroness Kate Parminter, chair of the House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee, which wrote the report, told BBC News.

The Covid-19 pandemic provided important lessons in how to communicate clearly, using science, to the public, she said.

“Covid was a crisis, the climate is a crisis. We can learn some very important messages around the communications and the scale of the problem,” she adds.

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Baroness Parminter, the politician quoted by the BBC, is a Liberal Democrat. In my experience, in the South East of England at least, the Liberal Democrats present as a green, left wing party, a middle class alternative to self identified working class socialist parties.

Given pretty much everyone except China nowadays treats Covid like the flu, I strongly suspect the lesson people are learning from the Covid panic is not the lesson Baroness Kate Parminter wants people to learn.

What was that saying again? “Fool me once…”

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October 13, 2022