The Most Reliable UK And Ireland Instrumental Records Indicate No Discernable Post-1800s Rainfall Trends

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Precipitation records can be directly associated with climate changes and thus temperature changes. And for “all over the UK and Ireland” there has been no detectable rainfall patterns that could be linked to rising CO2 throughout the Industrial Era.

The Rainfall Rescue project used volunteers to digitize 66,000 pages containing 5.28 million hand-written monthly rainfall observations from all over the UK and Ireland between 1677 and 1960, which is the “largest climate-related citizen science data rescue project ever completed” (Hawkins et al., 2022).

No precipitation trends are detectable when combining the post-1960 instrumental data with the long-term record.

Image Source: Hawkins et al., 2022

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By Kenneth Richard on 10. October 2022