Day Two CPAC Australia: Zuby, Alan Jones, and Climate Hysteria

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Day two saw audience outrage after an Aussie conservative branch president, whose party switched to supporting Net Zero just before the election, told the audience they saw no need to change.

Zuby, the famous UK rapper and podcaster, explained how society and people have been manipulated into believing falsehoods.

Zuby presented his twenty points explaining how society had been manipulated and messed up, including our scientific institutions – you could have heard a pin drop during his presentation. l strongly recommend you read all 20 of his points.

Zuby also tweeted his disappointment the protestors didn’t show up on Sunday.

Jason Miller, founder of GETTR, talked about free speech and cancel culture.

Professor Ian Plimer gave an excellent talk about the absurdity of claiming there is anything special about today’s global temperature and promoted his book Green Murder. I still haven’t gotten my reviewers’ copy Ian!

CPAC 2022 Australia Ian Plimer

Climate hero Senator Malcolm Roberts gave a powerful speech on how his One Nation minor party was in some cases being preferenced by mainstream Conservatives BEHIND socialist parties, and how Conservatives had to be more inclusive if they want to win back government in Australia. In Australia’s preference voting system, the position of your preference on party lists can make a big difference to how many votes you receive, and how many candidates win office.

I mentioned this because the next speech, Nick Minchin AO on a panel of mainstream Conservatives told the audience “we don’t have to change” – which presumably includes Aussie mainstream conservative commitment to Net Zero. This statement produced a storm of outrage from the audience, which I didn’t capture because I was too busy being one of the outraged audience members.

The big climate finale was CPAC Keynote Speaker Alan Jones. Alan Jones is a high profile Australian conservative media personality. His wide-ranging speech made multiple references to climate change, and compared academic climate hysteria to Covid hysteria, which is now widely recognised as a complete overreaction to a disease whose severity is comparable to the flu.

There were other fascinating speeches, like four victims of Victorian Premier Dan Andrews brutal Covid lockdown, including a serving police officer who could no longer serve after she saw her colleagues accept orders to attack unarmed protestors with rubber bullets. If you want to learn more about this horrifying Aussie brush with fascism, check out their movie Battleground Melbourne. There was also a presentation by Nataliya Malnyk, who opened a few eyes on events in Ukraine, Australia’s Daisy Cousens, always a favourite, and a host of other impressive presenters.

If I missed anything I apologise.

What was my overall impression of CPAC Australia? I’m happy that there was significant coverage of climate issues, but I still believe many conservatives in Australia and elsewhere have not fully grasped how important climate hysteria is to those who would shut down our freedoms.

Every movement needs a core reason for being, a fire which inspires members to devote time and effort to their movement, and I believe that end of the world climate hysteria currently provides that motivation, to the foot soldiers of those who would shut down our freedoms. Without climate hysteria they would be politically crippled, it would take years, maybe decades, for them to regroup around a new cause.

If mainstream Australian conservatives properly understood this, they would never have empowered their opponents by embracing Net Zero just before the last Federal election – an election they convincingly lost.

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October 3, 2022