Race To the Bottom

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By Paul Homewood

h/t Robin Guenier

Labour has set out plans to make the UK the first major economy in the world to generate all of its electricity without using fossil fuels.

Sir Keir Starmer says achieving zero carbon energy by 2030 will be a key priority if he wins the next election.

Labour is unveiling plans on green energy and policing as the annual party conference gets under way in Liverpool on Sunday.

The government has already committed to zero carbon electricity by 2035.

But that pledge was made before the global spike in energy prices.

New prime minister Liz Truss has promised more renewable energy, as part of a plan to make the UK a net exporter of energy by 2040, ending the country’s dependence on foreign supplies.

But she has also announced plans to restart fracking and issue more licenses to drill for gas.

Labour has already unveiled plans to spend £28bn a year on making the UK economy more green.

Sir Keir, who will make his keynote speech to conference on Tuesday, is kicking off the week with a promise to turn the UK into a clean energy “superpower”.

Labour says it will work with business to more than quadruple offshore wind power, triple solar, and double onshore wind by the end of this decade, while backing nuclear, hydrogen, and tidal power.

“Our plan for clean power by 2030 will save the British people £93bn off their energy bills and break the UK’s vulnerability to Putin and his cronies,” said Sir Keir.

“It will also support our drive for higher growth and rising living standards.”

Labour claim their plan would also “reindustrialise” the UK, by creating more than 200,000 direct jobs and up to 260,000 to 300,000 indirect jobs.


Has it not occurred to this clown that all of the jobs he promises have to be paid for? And who does he suggest pays for them?

Half a million jobs at £100,000 a year each, a not unreasonable estimate once materials and overheads are included, works out at £50 billion.

Instead of simply making up numbers on the spot, and then doubling them, maybe Starmer would care to give us a properly costed budget for his renewable extravaganza?

He wants to back nuclear, but there is no way any new capacity will be added before 2030, other than of course Hinkley Point. And it will take a lot longer than a decade to build a hydrogen grid.

Starmer obviously does not know that bulk hydrogen can only be made in the foreseeable future by steam reforming natural gas, which hardly makes the resulting electricity fossil fuel free, carbon free, or for that matter cheap.

Producing sizeable amounts of hydrogen from electrolysis will need a lot more wind power than his plan targets, and the idea is still strictly for the birds.

His plan for renewables will see capacity rising to:

Offshore Wind – 45 GW

Onshore Wind – 30 GW

Solar – 40 GW

On average, however, this will only produce 32 GW, still leaving a huge shortfall. Nuclear and biomass may add another 10 GW, but that still leaves us potentially 20 GW short at times of peak demand.

And as we know, there will be weeks every winter when the wind stops blowing. With solar power also at a minimum in winter, Starmer’s precious renewables will often be producing less than 10 GW.

Maybe one of these days, somebody could explain why the media still take Keir Starmer seriously?


September 25, 2022

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