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Open Letter to Federal Chancellor Scholz

By Kalte Sonne

Open letter from DI Jürgen A. Weigl e.h.:

Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz – personally
Federal Chancellery, Berlin

With the urgent request for forwarding

cc: Press mailing list – open letter

Dear Federal Chancellor Scholz,

As one of the long-serving Austrian energy advisers, I feel compelled to warn you and the ministers of your Federal Government!

First of all, I would like to mention that the competence of my company in climate protection is evident on the basis of numerous awards from several environment ministers and can also be verified by the public, e.g., by an award by Federal Minister Elisabeth Köstinger in November 2018.

In April 2018, my office submitted an extensive study to the Austrian Federal Government on the side effects of the energy transition. On more than 1000 pages and with hundreds of photos, thermal images and diagrams, we document the harmful effect that emanates from real existing plants of the energy transition.

It is undisputed that there is a human influence on the increase in air temperature, which correlates with the CO2 emissions. However, this is reinforced by the energy transition! This summer, for example, photovoltaic systems reach surface temperatures above 60°C. They use it to further heat up the ambient air, which is already over 30°C high anyway!

Such plants have a relatively low efficiency in the generation of electrical energy (~15%). At the same time, however, they act as highly efficient radiators for heating the atmosphere! About 85% of the absorbed solar radiation is released into the ambient air as waste heat!

One would therefore correctly have to speak of highly efficient and year-round operated solar radiators to promote climate change, which also feed a little electricity into the public grid. To make this clear, some thermal images are attached to this letter. In addition, this heat dissipation can be detected by anyone even with simpler measuring instruments.

Unfortunately, the use of wind energy also leads to side effects. Because wind is physically nothing more than the natural balancing flow with potential differences within a gas layer. The extraction of wind energy for power generation therefore changes the natural balancing currents. This with elementary repercussions on other climate processes (such as evaporation, precipitation, temperature and soil moisture, etc.).

Of course, there are possibilities for the sensible use of renewable energy. But there are very narrow limits to this! Because renewable energy is anything but harmless for the environment and the climate. It would be a dangerous illusion to think that entire industrial societies could be supplied with it!

In view of the numerous side effects of the energy transition, we also made our study generally available in 2019. You can find more information at the links below.

I ask you and your Federal Government, both politely and urgently, to deal with these facts. 

The current energy policy as well as wrong approaches to climate protection are currently threatening to lead Europe into a catastrophe!

We urgently need a conversion, even a conversion from those wrong paths that have been taken in recent decades! In this context, I would like to recall that the extraordinary development of European civilization and modern science is based on “conversion”, that is, the possibility of identifying and correcting mistakes. It was only thanks to this freedom that the progress that guaranteed our previous prosperity became possible.

Not the knowledge of the ultimate truth, but the possibility of admitting mistakes and correcting them are the decisive factors that made both Christian Western high culture and modern science possible. Where this is no longer possible, very, very dark times threaten. Fascism, National Socialism and Communism should serve as an urgent warning to us!

A society that claims to know the ultimate truth and to be able to produce energy unscathed from nothing would have left behind not only Christian culture but also enlightenment and the age of science. It would be on the way to a civilizational collapse!

I am sure that you and your Federal Government do not want to go down this road. Therefore, I urge you to examine our existing documents on the side effects of the energy transition and to make a corresponding course correction.

If, on the other hand, your experts are of the opinion that the mass construction of “solar-powered radiators” does not heat the ambient air, that the use of wind energy does not change the natural climate processes, I ask you to explain this in more detail using the laws of physics.

DI Jürgen A. Weigl e.h.

1.) Access to the study on side effects of the energy transition – 2018

In addition to the short documents climate change through climate protection

and climate change and CO2

Here you will also find the mentioned overall study, which can be divided into individual sections and downloaded.

etc. s.

2.) Current study “Climate Change – Light and Shadow” – 2021

In this study, we explain correlations in climate events that anyone can check for themselves. Logical thinking and simple observations are enough for every citizen to get an idea for himself. This study is also divided into sections and is generally accessible.

3.) Supplement/Appendix – Pictures:

Picture 1 and Picture 2: Photo or thermal image of a PVA at the end of December: Snow on the ground and hot surface of the PVA.

Figure 3 shows this PVA again a few days ago, with a surface temperature of the back of over 60°C.

Figure 4: Tracked PVA in February, over 30°C surface temperature, note the different snow conditions

Figure 5 and Figure 6: Situation at this same PVA in September, the surface temperatures up to 55° C and thus 35 K above the Lu9 temperature: a large radiator that contributes to the warming of the atmosphere during the day and all year round. This may be CO2-free, but it is certainly neither climate nor environmental protection!


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