Invitation to the “final shutdown of German nuclear power plants”

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 By Kalte Sonne

Contribution by Hans Ambos:

Invitation to the “final shutdown of German nuclear power plants”


Mr. Robert Habeck, Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Affairs of Germany and Mrs. (diverse) Ricarda Lang, Co-Chair of the GREENS

“On the shutdown of nuclear power station Emsland.”

On the occasion of your big celebration of the shutdown of the last 3 nuclear power plants in Germany, you as the most popular politician in Germany and other leaders of the Greens are cordially invited.

Please come personally to the control rooms on December 31, 2022 and press the switch-off buttons! The red button is located on the reactor control panel a little to the left of the center under a black flap.

Mr. Hofreiter and Mrs. Baerbock are cordially invited to the “Shutdown of Isar 2” and Mr. Özdemir and Mrs. Göring-Eckhardt are cordially invited to the “Shutdown of Neckarwestheim 2”.

Federal Chancellor Scholz, connected live, enjoys the spectacle on New Year’s Eve in his Chancellery with ready-to-go emergency diesel.

It will certainly be great for all of you from the GREENS to see how the power indicator of 1,400 megawatts falls to zero at the same time in each of the 3 nuclear power plants. They have thus ended the generation of electricity from nuclear energy in Germany.

The last battle has been fought.

The victory against the hated nuclear power plants has succeeded.

Mission completed.

Do not allow yourself, Mr. Habeck, to be called an energy policy ghost driver because of the globally unique German nuclear phase-out.

Stay steadfast that all 160 others are the ghost drivers.

The world has to be in the German essence……?

In any case, we have left the world community of nuclear energy operators.

In 2019, the Wall Street Journal published an article on German energy policy titled “World’s Dumbest Energy Policy.”

You have accomplished a great historical deed in the country where the Nobel Prize winners Otto Hahn, Werner Heisenberg, Max Plank and Albert Einstein were once admired and honored.

The Deutsches Museum in Munich has already removed Otto Hahn’s original workplace.

In school, the evil, evil nuclear energy no longer occurs. Fortunately for the teachers, no student asks how a “fast breeder” works anyway.

Physics is voted out.

They have shown them how to do it. At some point, Germany turned the wrong way.

0 a.m., January 1, 2023:

“End of energy security in Germany”!

That was it with a clean 30 billion kWh of electricity per year.

They switch 6% safe, inexpensive (2.4 cents/kWh) and CO2-free electricity production simply off!

It was reliably available day and night, even when there was no wind. Bang!

Out forever!

Tens of billions of euros destroyed in just one second. Respect!

By the way: Nobody has seen through the trick with the emergency reserve, which cannot work at all. Cleverly tricked the nuclear lobby.

But beware, there is a risk of a large-scale blackout.

However, hopefully only briefly, because the neighboring countries immediately supply coal and nuclear power as a replacement. You should thank them.

The brand new Mochovce-3 reactor in Slovakia and the Ukrainian nuclear power plants are ready.

France completed all maintenance and repairs on its nuclear power stations in the autumn and produces 80% of its electricity CO2-free (see link below). France needs very little natural gas. It is electrically heated. You don’t need a heat pump either.

The price of electricity is only half as high as ours. But we have 6 times as high CO2 Emissions. Envious?

By way of comparison, Germany once used nuclear energy to secure 36% of Germany’s electricity generation and 11% of its primary energy demand. The share of primary energy today is a modest 3.5% for wind and only 1.6% for PV.

By the way, it is wonderful that the CO2 Coal-fired power generation for us does not originate in Germany, but in Poland.

Bring the public legal medias and the expert advisors of Greenpeace to cheer.

It is better not to bring the operating team into the picture, because they are more likely to cry. Hold a press conference at the control room and tell people the truth: 3.5 cents per kWh of electricity price through the depreciated nuclear power plants, that was once upon a time. Now it’s getting really expensive for electricity customers.

We have the highest electricity prices in the world. We will rapidly expand our lead.

They want to replace the “nuclear power” of the 3 nuclear power plants with renewables. With wind?

So, you need at least 9,000 new, additional WKA, for a paltry 45 billion euros. Or with photovoltaics?

The last 3 nuclear power plants generate more electricity than all solar cells in Germany combined. One m² photovoltaics system generates 150 kWh per year.

So, you need the gigantic area of 210 km² of photovoltaic systems to produce 30 billion kWh (about 85 billion euros expensive). The only stupid thing is that there is no electricity in the dark or in the doldrums.

Even 100,000 new wind turbines do not help. Nor can the electric current be stored in this enormous amount. Unfortunately, it does not work with hydrogen because of the very poor efficiency. What’s your plan? Or do you have no plan at all for the energy transition (into nothingness)?

Maybe it helps if you abolish the 10H distance rule in Bavaria, for example, and put a few wind turbines in the English Garden or on the Stachus. Then you will finally get some acceptance among the rural population for the desecration of beautiful Bavaria. Bavaria once generated 70% of its electricity demand from nuclear power plants with only 5 nuclear power plants units.

Bavaria owed this to the Minister of Atomic Energy, Franz Josef Strauß, who had brought the peaceful use of nuclear energy to Germany. He has turned the poor agricultural state of Bavaria into a modern high-tech location. Now the economic location of Bavaria and the whole of Germany is being restored to 1960.

On this occasion, it is best to abolish a few obstructive laws, e.g., that the wind speed in the 3rd power scales with the energy. That is, at half the wind speed, there is not about half of the electricity, not even a quarter, but only an eighth!

This is quite stupid in low-wind Bavaria. Eight wind turbines in Bavaria generate only as much electricity as one on the coast.

Also abolish the 2nd law of thermodynamics, the Bolzmann constant and a few other useless things of physics.

The promised “turning point” is coming pretty quickly.

The beginning has already been made with the energy shortage economy. Unfortunately, a hard-hitting recession with mass unemployment must be expected. We will soon be at the level of a developing country. Sweden and Norway want to stop supplying electricity to Germany in order to slow down the price increase in their own country.

Now the “energy-saving packages” are unpacked and precautions are being taken for the grid collapse, the blackout:

  • Take a cold shower or with the neighbor. Use washcloths.
  • Saving energy: “Every kWh counts.” (Habeck). E-bikes, e-scooters and e-cars may only be charged in the sun and wind.
  • Energy-saving darkening throughout Germany. Women are no longer allowed to leave the house unaccompanied in the dark.
  • A state energy polices monitors compliance with the regulations.
  • Expensive fracking gas from America is rationed.
  • Claudia Kemfert reveals where the large electricity storage facilities are hidden.
  • Mr. Graichen wants to use electric cars as storage. But he was just making a joke.
  • The mains frequency can no longer be kept stable at 50 Hz without the 3 nuclear power plants because the large rotating masses are missing (physics). In the future, mechanical watches will have to be used again.
  • The replacement of electricity from the Emsland nuclear power plant will be replaced by 3 Turkish floating oil power plants, “Power Barges” (500 MW each).
  • Due to the nuclear power plants, the power grids are no longer clogged. The green electricity can now flow unhindered to the south (according to Göring-Eckhardt).
  • In the winter months, i.e., in the energy-saving months, no elevators may be used. It is certainly not a pleasure to spend 3 days or more in the dark without water, without toilet in the cold in an elevator.
  • Insolvencies and company bankruptcies are prohibited. However, companies are allowed to stop production and sales (Habeck).
  • The suggestions on how to enjoy a stream of blackout can be found in the children’s book “Kleine Helden, große Abenteuer” by Habeck.
  • At Blackout on New Year’s Eve: The fireworks, if not yet forbidden everywhere, are certainly even more beautiful to look at over completely dark cities.

Worldwide, 442 nuclear power plants are in operation, 57 under construction and 63 nuclear power plants are in concrete planning.

The latest generation of nuclear power plants is even safer and produces hardly any radioactive waste.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change explicitly calls for the use of nuclear energy to save the climate.

You can become schizophrenic as a German Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Affairs.

But Germany is reducing its CO2 Emissions in the future in a completely different, unexpected way. By migrating abroad or having to cease operations due to astronomical energy prices, the self-imposed climate targets can also be achieved.

Climate rescue with Habeck’s economic policy.

Technicians and experts in energy and climate have their hearts bleeding. The no- experts (STEM subjects voted out of school) and the media will cheer again. But the world rubs its eyes in amazement.

In Germany, the governments and the media have successfully ensured that the majority is against nuclear energy. We don’t recognize what is now being lost.

Think of Berthold Brecht, Mr. Habeck: “Whoever does not know the truth is just a fool. Whoever knows them and calls them a lie is a criminal.”

Mr. Habeck, pour us pure wine and the Bavarians pure beer.

And one more request to ARD, ZDF and the other public legal medias, left-wing green media: Please no more lies!

An example: They regularly commemorate the victims of Fukushima (Miosga, Kleber…). But there were no victims, no injured and no dead.

There was a devastating tsunami and an earthquake that killed nearly 20,000 people.

How incompetent and stupid you are can also be seen simply by the fact that you only use the discrediting term nuclear power plant, nuclear power plant introduced by Greenpeace, instead of the legally and legally correct one: nuclear power plant, nuclear power plants (e.g., in the Atomic Energy Act) English: nuclear power station.

They constantly confuse power and energy and make a thousand other mistakes.

“When the sun of knowledge slowly sets, even knowledge dwarfs cast long shadows.”

Good night, Germany

Hans Ambos



The following story could come from the trained children’s book author Habeck:

“3 nuclear power plants racehorses on their way to the cover-up”

Three of the best racehorses in the world will come to the cover on December 31, 2022 and will be culled and disposed of for no reason, completely pointless and without reason, although they are urgently needed right now for climate rescue. They are triplets, sisters of once 17, must be killed because the law so commands.

These recognized best racehorses in the world, the crown of German breeding art, come from the Erlangen stud farm and the breeding KWU. They hold countless world records.

The last three surviving horses, Emsland, Neckarwestheim and Isar are by no means decrepit Klepper or Gäule. They are in their prime equine age, are in top form, are without injuries or quirks and could continue to be absolutely reliable day and night for decades to come, just like their previously culled 14 siblings, their performance CO2-freely provide. You will be ridden by the most professional jockeys you can have.

The whole world would be happy if they had these wonderful mares and stallions “Made in Germany” and did not have to breed new ones now, as in Poland, for example.

When the 2 horses from the stable “Biblis” started the race in 1974 and 1976, the Prime Minister Osswald, SPD, spoke the forward-looking (?) Sentences: “With these two racehorses, we are the spearhead of the world’s best. This gives us the cleanest, most reliable and most cost-effective form of energy generation.” The Shah of Persia then ordered two stallions (Bushehr) from the same breed. There are 440 racehorses on the track worldwide. 50 foals are about to start, and 130 horses of the latest and even improved horse breeds are in the concrete order with the breeder.

The killing of the German racehorses is carried out on the initiative of Doctor Merkel.

Something that didn’t happen anywhere else in the world. Already in March 2011 she suddenly, suddenly and not legally let the first 8 racehorses club. In Japan, almost 20,000 people lost their lives as a result of an earthquake and tsunami. At the Fukushima stud farm, 4 racehorses out of six drowned. Due to released gases, the roofs of the riding halls exploded. As a result, no one inside or outside was physically harmed.

Yes, but the horse apples! In a small hall next to the riding hall there are a few dozen tin bucket type “Castor” with all the manure of the horses that they had used in 30 or 40 years. Imagine if all your household waste of 30 years would fit in a cookie jar. But the horse-drawn carriages in the castors are not necessarily crap. In “breeder racing stables” this is concentrated feed after reprocessing. And the horse apples don’t have to be buried for a million years. The real crap, not the recyclables, has half-lives! Imagine that after years you look into your cookie jar with the household waste and some of it has simply disappeared.

Hans Ambos

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