Debunking the Ecojustice #ClimateKids Court Case- #1

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Ecojustice is representing seven young people in a constitutional court case against the Ontario government, ostensibly to try and force the government to reinstitute cancelled cap-and-trade legislation.

CBC has given this a ‘lite’ reporting effort – seeming to have no questions about how these young people came together or whether there might be any conflicts of interest or foreign-funding or foreign interests as part of the case.

Michelle Stirling, Communications Manager for Friends of Science Society, walks through some important and relevant background details that are not very hard to find on the internet, and wonders why CBC with its greater than $1 billion tax-subsidized annual budget couldn’t do more ‘reporting’ and less ‘repeating.’

If you want to find you why you are paying a carbon tax and getting ‘climate income’ rebates, watch this video. The video and power point will be posted to our blog a bit later, so that you can review the links in the power point.

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