Political Purges in America, FBI Intimidation, but hope against Woke rises in Florida

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There is a major battle in the US that most media are barely mentioning

On the one hand Joe Biden calls political opponents Domestic Terrorists, and delivers speeches flanked with marines. The FBI are raiding the homes of his main political adversary and his supporters too, knocking on doors based on nothing more than anonymous tips, without search warrants. They demand answers to ridiculous questions, the only purpose of which can be intimidation or fishing trips. Lines in the sand are being crossed here that we never thought would be crossed in America. Things that ought to have the whole nation (and allies) standing to attention.  Personal communications with lawyers used to be confidential, “not anymore”.   How do we explain the hunt for someone’s daughters’ Instagram posts?

Against that dark background, something great is unfolding in Florida and other states. Ron de Santis delivers a great speech below, laying out how he’s fighting back against the Tech Giant Oligarchs, the WEF, the UN, woke ideology, school indoctrination, gender change surgery on children, forced injections, and election fraud. We’ve discussed the State fightback against the influence of BlackRock and ilk which abuse their fiduciary duty with retirement funds to force ESG on hapless corporations.  It’s a Christmas wish list of free men against corruption and tyranny. And he’s not just talking about it, but winning battles, and many Americans are loving it. They’re leaving crime ridden, high taxing Democrat states to come to Florida in record numbers.

The Tucker Carlson reporting from two days ago should give anyone chills, but the Ron de Santis speech below that would give citizens of democracy hope (and a handbook for how to win). The US may yet be saved by the strength of the States.

Purges in America: Are you now, or have you ever been a Trump supporter?

The morning after Joe Biden’s Red Sermon demonized 74 million Americans, armed agents from the FBI started turning up at Trump supporter’s homes. It starts with Biden equating domestic protests with 9/11 mass terrorist deaths:

So, you’re slack-jawed watching something like this. Did I just see that? And I’m quoting “I began by asking the vice president about how over two decades our focus has had to shift from foreign terror to the threat within.” …

It can’t possibly be about January 6, the fake insurrection, the only insurrection in history with no guns, the insurrection in which the only person shot to death was a Trump supporter.

No, the point of this is to suppress political dissent, to hobble an entire political party and to keep any of these people from ever participating in American politics again. …

From 6:50 especially unfolds the Stasi-like program apparently designed to scare ordinary citizens into silence. If it works in the US, presumably it will not be long before similar programs spread to the rest of the West.


Tucker Carlson:

[The Day after the Red Sermon] …at 8:30 a.m, a woman called Lisa Gallagher was sick in bed at her home in suburban New Jersey.

Her daughter came upstairs and told her that the FBI was waiting outside. Now, Lisa Gallagher is not a criminal, never has been. She is an active Trump supporter, particularly on Facebook. She did Trump (flag on her lawn). She’s a patriotic American. She describes herself as a rule follower. She’s never once been in trouble with the law at any level, and she had nothing whatsoever to do with January 6 and yet, outside her door with three FBI agents with guns. “We got an anonymous tip you were at the Capitol on January 6.” That’s what they said. Gallagher was terrified. “I thought they were going to take me out of here in handcuffs,” she told the show this morning.

Ultimately, her husband came home and the two of them showed the FBI agents her daily calendars from January of 2021 and finally convinced the agents that she was not at the Capitol that day. Imagine armed FBI agents showing up at your house because you supported Trump on Facebook and demanding records of your whereabouts on a date nearly two years ago and of course, the FBI already knew that Lisa Gallagher was not there because they have sophisticated facial recognition software, so they were never planning to arrest her. The point (and this is a theme in every authoritarian regime), the point was to use government agents to intimidate enemies of the regime on the basis of an anonymous tip….

Amy Kremer, for example, is a former Tea Party member and a candidate for the House of Representatives. She also obtained special permits for the National Park Service, which authorized Donald Trump’s rally on January 6, 2021. To be perfectly clear, Amy Kremer never went to the Capitol on that day. She never encouraged anyone else to go, either. But for the crime of organizing a lawful political event, an election justice rally protected by the Constitution, Amy Kremer is now being terrorized by Merrick Garland’s DOJ.

On Wednesday morning, FBI agents showed up at her home, first at the home of her ex-husband, carrying a subpoena for her daughter Kylie. Kremer received a call from Kylie’s stepmother saying, “The FBI is here for her.” The FBI subpoenaed demands, all communications from Amy Kremer and Kylie, including their social media posts (what) from October 1st, 2020, to the present day.

Now, why would the FBI, Joe Biden’s FBI need Amy Kremer’s daughter’s Instagram posts? Because this isn’t about the events leading up to January 6. Obviously, it’s about mining all of her personal information.

This is harassment on political grounds. It’s illegal. It’s unconstitutional. It shocks the conscience of everyone who sees it, but the number of people who see it is very small because it is not covered by any media and it’s not just happening to Amy Kremer.

Hope against Woke, Tech Giants, BlackRock, propaganda and medical crime rises in Florida

Sometimes all it takes is one man to stand his ground, and the idea catches on.

These are just some snippets below, but I watched it all (at speed) and it was worth it. I almost never watch more than five minutes on Youtube. Conservative parties all around the world could design whole campaigns from this one speech…

16:00 Less Government means a bigger economy: Florida has three million more people than the state of New York …but the New York government budget is twice the size. In Florida for half the money they manage the roads and the services and have higher ranked K – 12 schools, and “we do all of that with no income tax and the second lowest per capita tax burden in the country.” Nice.

26:00 Open borders — In response to mass illegal immigration across the Southern Border, Ron De Santis banned Sanctuary Cities in Florida, and announced that if anyone buses in illegal aliens, he was going to reroute the buses to Delaware and other “sanctuary” states. Apparently, he hasn’t had to do that, because they didn’t send any buses and the Governor of Texas started rerouting buses to sanctuary cities himself. De Santis argues that the people who make these rules need to live with the consequences.

29 mins Election Security: To improve election security De Santis made ballot harvesting is a third-degree felony. He’s also banned mass mailing of ballots and insisted that people need voter ID to get an absentee ballot. Somehow, he also banned Zucker-bucks. (Funding from Mark Zuckerberg or presumably any oligarch to help state officials with the infrastructure of elections). If they do that here, he said, they’re going to jail.

33:00 On schools — “We’re not going to have CRT (critical race theory), or Woke ideology imposed on our vulnerable children. We’re getting American Civics back in our schools.” Every November 7th students will learn how communist regimes end up killing millions of people.

He also has a plan to stop it occurring in corporations too to prevent people being de facto forced to declare allegiance to ESG or Woke doctrines.  In Florida you do not have to self-flagellate to keep your job.

47:00: On Big Tech Monopolies — de Santis declares that the Tech Giants are dangerous monopolies: To paraphrase — They are not private entities, they are doing the governments bidding, they are essentially an arm of the state. They have meetings at the Whitehouse to discuss who to censor. The Silicon Valley oligarchs are imposing an orthodoxy on this country. 

The solution is the legal recourse against selective politically biased enforcement. The Tech Giants can “set their own rules” he says, but if they discriminate based on people’s views, they are committing a fraud. They told customers that they are open platform. Florida citizens will have the right to sue when the Oligarchs punish them for their political views.

De Santis is warning everyone in the free world to toughen up because everyone who fights for their rights will feel the pushback.

Nice republicans (and ones with comfy sinecures) are still caving in too easily. De Santis warns:

“They’re playing for keeps. A leader has got to be willing to take the arrows to achieve anything.”

The stakes are high. As David Evans says: “Rig just one election, and you have to rig every election thereafter because you are afraid the other side will investigate what happened and throw the wrongdoers in jail. Before you know it, you have to fix the system permanently.”

It’s a do or die battle. Small crimes beget bigger crimes, and the quickening is here. The race is on between the forces of censorship and those with the right message.  So, when you see a useful message, help it along…

Joe Biden’s Red Sermon Transcript

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September 15, 2022