Too Much Business Input: Aussie Government Stacks Climate Authority with Radical Activists

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Aussie Prime Minister Anthony Albanese Fiddles While Australia’s Energy Security Burns. Note this is a satirical photoshopped image.

Essay by Eric Worrall

Hands up who plans to invest in Australia? Three radical climate activists have been added to the 9-person climate change authority, to counter perceptions of too much business influence on government policy.

Labor overhauls Climate Change Authority to counter concerns of excessive business influence

Albanese government appoints three women with environmental backgrounds to board

Adam Morton Climate and environment editor
Wed 14 Sep 2022 03.30 AEST

The Albanese government has appointed three women with environmental backgrounds to the board of the Climate Change Authority in a bid to counter concerns the advisory body was taken over by business leaders under the Coalition.

The authority was given expanded responsibilities under climate change legislation that passed parliament last week, including advising the government on future emissions reduction targets and an annual statement to parliament by the climate change minister. The advice must be made public, and the minister must explain why if he rejects it.

Climate activists have questioned whether the authority’s existing board is qualified to offer scientific advice after the Coalition appointed several business leaders to fill board vacancies.

The new members are the biologist Prof Lesley Hughes, a distinguished academic who has held government advisory roles and is a member of the Climate Council, Dr Virginia Marshall, a legal researcher who has worked on Indigenous water rights, and Sam Mostyn, a businesswoman and sustainability adviser who was chair of the climate advocacy group 1 Million Women.

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One of the activists is Professor Lesley Hughes, a member of the Climate Council. The Climate Council makes frequent appearances on WUWT, because of their hilarious backflip from predicting climate change will cause endless drought, to their new position that climate change causes severe flooding.

Leslie Hughes apparently believes the planet could warm by 4C by the end of the century. She also believes the ocean swallowed global warming during the pause.

Obviously, the presence of such people on an important government advisory board, and the Aussie federal government’s open willingness to pander to deep greens at the expense of business, is yet another reason for investors to avoid creating energy intensive manufacturing jobs in Australia.

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September 15, 2022