Boom! Leftists Ousted in Sweden

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Note that the exit polls initially suggested that the left-wing block would win but the actual results of the vote now suggest a victory for the right-wing block. Again we see the shy voter effect, where the voters tell the pollsters that they’re going to vote left wing, but then actually go in and vote for the right-wing parties.

Another huge white pill is the fact that 58% of young voters, those aged 18 to 29, voted for the right-wing block. 

More specifically: from people between the ages of 18 and 21, Sweden Democrats received 22 percent of the vote. That represents a doubling compared to the last election.

Another added irony is the fact that the ruling leftist party social Democrats lost votes to a new far-left pro-migrant party called Nyans in some heavily migrant populated areas of the country like Rinkeby (Stockholm). Significant numbers of voters have abandoned SD for Nyans, funnily enough. They’ve done so in response to SD having to acknowledge that mass migration has basically failed, with the Swedish prime minister previously vowing to put a stop to the growth of ethnic ghettos. So, the pro-migrant party might have actually cost the left-wing block the election.

You love to see it but it’s a shame what has had to happen to Sweden in order for the left to lose power. Soaring crime, much of it driven by vast numbers of unintegrated migrants. Social disorder driven by warp speed multi-ethnicity that over the last 20 years took Sweden from being one of the safest countries in Europe to being one of the most dangerous. This was exemplified by yet another round of violent riots in migrant dense areas earlier this year.

Overall, whatever the final result, the election represents a stunning achievement for the Sweden Democrats who have completely outstripped expectations and are now a huge influential power block within Sweden. Because they dared smash through Sweden’s creepy ominous obsession with political correctness. And because large enough numbers of people are finally sick of the leftists demented agenda to use Mass Migration as a weapon to eviscerate the identity of the country.

“The Swedish people have voted for a change of power”, wrote Jimmie Åkesson, head of the right-wing Sweden Democrats, on Facebook. “Our success in the election, both for the conservative coalition and for our party, means a heavy responsibility towards the voters, we will manage that responsibility in the best way and with the deepest respect. Enough with failed Socialist policy, which for eight years has continued to lead the country in the wrong direction. It is time to start rebuilding security, welfare and cohesion. It is time to put Sweden first. The Sweden Democrats will be a constructive and driving force in this work.”


There could be more salty tears and exploding heads at “The Guardian” when Italy elects a solidly patriotic government September 25th!

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September 15, 2022

Boom! Leftists Ousted in Sweden | Science Matters (